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Have you noticed? There is serious bankruptcy of virtues in our world today. It is very hard to find one honest person these days, as every man is for themselves and everyone else to themselves. Good people are scarce, honest and upright people are very hard to find, as regards they become highly priced when they are found.

This is because where there is scarcity, there will be high demand and increase in price. People are ready and willing to pay anything and to sacrifice huge amount to have an honest person work in their organization these days. That was what happened to Joseph; he found himself in a situation where there was no more honest men.


Despite where he found himself, he never compromised his honesty and uprightness. With time, he was discovered and handed over a large establishment - stewardship. Honesty landed him in the favour he enjoyed in the strange land (Egypt).

Do not follow the crowd to get along with dishonest practices here and there for the sake of temporary ill-gotten favours or riches. Instead stand for honesty and do what is right, because a time shall surely come when they will search for real honest and upright people to man critical affairs in high places, and you can rightly guess who they will come for.


  • Ignore what people will say - they will always say something whether it is good or bad - just do what is right.

  • Avoid peer pressure. When nobody stands for you, stand on your own.

  • Do not compare yourself with those who seem to be doing so well with questionable sources of income. Do not fall for just any result you see out there - you never know the kind of sacrifice they did. You belong to a class all by yourself.

  • Don't belittle yourself by compromising your standard. Rather, do what is right! When the time is right, favour will come your way

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It's a shame no one else stopped by to read this. It was a great post filled with good knowledge. I want to thank you for taking the time to post it dear friend. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Thank you for that. Am glad you enjoyed it.

Yea nobody else stopped by to check on it but I beleive it will still be helpful for those who will need it in the near future.