Learn to wait.

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My justice is not far away; My salvation no longer takes. I'm about to bring them!
I will grant salvation to Zion, and my splendor to Israel. Isaiah 46:13


We have all been impatient at some time to be trapped in transit without being able to move forward or back. The minutes are eternal, especially if we have set the time and place where we should appear in the daily agenda. Many times, when we are in this situation, we do not know what is happening in front of us, and then we fall prey to despair and speculation.

It is common that in the race of life we ​​face similar situations. We have to "stop" and "wait" and, as happens in slow traffic, we ignore why, and we are prey to impatience. When God tells us to "stop" and "wait", it surely has purposes that, although they are not exposed, are the best.

God put in my heart the idea of ​​knowing how to wait. Sometimes I have seen in the world people who know how to hope better than Christians; Normally, those who hurry lose, but there are people who have a keen eye, waiting for the opportunity. God was talking to me repeatedly about "knowing how to hope in Him". There are circumstances that we can not change, there are people that I can not change. Would you like to change any of those near you? Would you like to change your boss? Would you have liked to be born with celestial eyes? There are things that we can not change, nor that God will not change them to give you the pleasure, for example your nose, God already made you that way and when he was forming you said: "This one I would like to eat". However, there are things that you can not change but that God can change them. There are things that God is going to change, there are things that God is not going to change and there are things that we have to wait on him. We have to learn to wait on God!

One of the verses that came to my mind is this from Isaiah: "Those who wait on Jehovah will have new strength ...". There are things that you do or that you have tried to do that take away your strength; there are things that you have faced believing that you are going to get ahead and yet you have exhausted all your strength and you have not been able to get ahead. When you get married and your husband was not like you thought and say: "If I could make him think otherwise", or you get married and the prince did not leave you blue but he left you "violet" or "moradito", some blue had but Not so much, then you say: "I would stand it if at least I changed here and here and here."

I waited for Jehovah, my soul waited; In his word I have waited. 6 My soul waits for the LORD More than the watchmen in the morning, More than watchmen in the morning. Psalm 130: 5-6


We all know someone who has little patience. That exploits at the slightest provocation. But a person, who has patience, is totally different. She has dominion over herself. She is always calm and serene.

Patience is being able to hold you back when someone offends you. The person who has developed the fruit of patience does not jump like a cock to retaliate, nor to take revenge for the damage they have done to him.

An anonymous author wrote: "A moment of patience can stop a great disaster. But a moment of impatience can ruin a lifetime. "

Patience is that quality that does not surrender to circumstances, or yield to the pressure of a test. Patience is the opposite of anger, AND IT IS USED WHEN IT IS SPOKEN OF GOD. Patience is associated with mercy.

Actively waiting is the option that will help us stay calm until we receive the order to move forward. We should pray without ceasing, meditate on the Word of God to receive references and divine signs that tell us that waiting is coming to an end.

Before the extraordinary crossing of the Jordan, the Israelites were ordered to camp on its banks. The order of God was: "When you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, and the Levitical priests who carry it, leave their posts and set out behind it. Then they will know where to go, because they have never gone that way before "(Jos 3: 3-4). After having crossed in dry, they erected a memorial as a testimony of the miraculous acts of God's love towards their children.

People who rush, usually leave the will of God, who is within the will of God is quiet and safe, who is not in the will of God is anxious, nervous, desperate, runs up and for down. God wants you to learn to wait, God has sent me to tell you that you have to learn to wait, but not wait like someone who expects a politician to fulfill his promise, not wait as he waits for that liar pattern that every time tells him that It will increase and never does, is not to wait in a coincidence, but wait on Jehovah.

Many times we do not want to wait because we remember the times we have waited on people, or we have waited on our own mother or on our own father, or we have waited on promises of men and they have failed us, but when it comes to waiting on God there is no that "let the unconscious work"; inside the unconscious we sometimes have things that we have been recording because of the failures we have had, to wait on people who have failed us, then God tells us to wait on him and something inside us says: "Do not wait, do not wait "But the Bible says that waiting on God is good!

I'll tell you two more verses: Psalm 22: 4: "In you our fathers waited; They waited, and you delivered them. " Psalm 37: 7: "Be silent before the Lord, and wait on him. Do not fret because of the one who prospers in his way, For the man who does evil things. " In other words, talk less and wait more. "Do you remember God that I told you yesterday? Have you heard me? You will answer me? Have you heard my prayer? I ask you again, just in case the mailman has not arrived, maybe you were too busy, I'll ask you again, do not forget, sir. " Do not remind the Lord so much if you have faith, keep silence before Jehovah, wait on him. Sometimes they all say: "It's going to go wrong", but God has put in your heart that you will do well. Sir, you gave me a word that would be good for me, but here is one that tells me that I'm going to go wrong, that it's going to be otherwise. If God told you that you would do well, you will do well!

Father, how we long for the fruit of the Holy Spirit to be in our lives. We want more of You, Lord. We want Your patience, to be able to be more kind, more merciful, and more tolerant women. Father, help us to contain ourselves when someone provokes us to anger. Help us not to lose patience. Thank you for filling us with your Spirit. We can not live the Christian life without His love and power. Thank you, Father, for loving us and sanctifying us in your Spirit, and for using us for Your Kingdom. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

My brethren, consider it a great joy when you find yourself in various trials, 3 knowing that the trial of your faith produces patience. But have patience your complete work, so that you may be perfect and complete, without missing anything. James 1: 2-4

Friend, it is possible that some project of your life is waiting for the response of God. Maybe the thought will suddenly assail you that the good plans you have made for your life have not materialized. Maybe you've been pleading for a long time to finally get yourself sick ... Never think that the Lord your God is far away. Be assured that your wait will end when God shows you clearly the path you must follow. When your strengthened faith leads you to fulfill his will; When you allow the Lord to take you by the hand in the path of your life and not be tempted to take pride in your triumphs, but glorify God, then the order to march will come and the wait will be over.


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