Testimonies of humanitarian aid thanks to @SirKnight

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Testimonies of the people who were helped with the food!

everything started like this: we started to make meals with the help of my wife and two team members who placed cars to order to distribute the food.

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We started our route near the city of Barcelona, ​​the first person we met was an elderly man, who was working as a gardener all day and did not have to eat, when he saw that I felt I should help him, we stopped and gave him food, while We talked with him, we talked to him about God, and we brought him a word of hope. We said that food was sent by @SirKnight, then when I finished I took my hand and said these words: "let me thank you singing, and began to sing a chorus that said: "I thank God for all things, so go through the difficulties"
I heard the song,Then I got in the car

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We went our way and found a couple of children who did not have to eat and who were in the streets asking for food, we gave him food and we told him that this comes from God and an angel called @SirKnight

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also we met an older man who works collecting aluminum part to sell it and thus have money to to eat , when we gave him food he could not believe it and he said these words: "God will give you everything, you will not lack anything" we pray with him.

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We followed our path and found an older woman, who said she had 2 days without food and when we gave her food she thanked us and told us that God bless the angel that sent the food, we told her that that angel was called @SirKnight

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Later we met some girls waiting outside a food store to wait for someone to give them something to eat, we arrived and gave food to the children, the joy on their faces was the best reward for each one of us that day . we talked to him about God and about an angel that made all this possible SirKnight

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We met at a traffic light an elderly man, who had all day asking for alms to eat, when we gave him food, I cry.

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then we went to the city of Puerto La Cruz and found a woman who was drying her clothes on the floor, and she had no place to live or eat, we gave her food and she gave us a smile and told us that I wanted to know more about God now.

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Later we met an older man, gave him food and told him that the food came from an angel named SirKnight, he told us that he wanted to meet that angel named SirKnight who had sent him the food, and we told him that he had many greetings and that would resist the test that soon came blessings for Venezuela

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Then we went on our way and met some people who were looking through the trash to eat, and when we gave him the food they were filled with joy and said that God had not forgotten them.

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separador steemitvzla2.jpg

this was some of the testimonials, we could not place all! but I hope this post is insentient to encourage many to help!
I wanted to thank God first because he is a faithful God ..
and also to our leader @SirKnight who made all this possible, he is an angel sent to help many nations, and as he says "steem will feed the world" one community at a time.

do not forget to access our website: www.steemchurch.net


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Great work, am really proud of you, thanks for your act of kindness.


thank you apostol, I just gave a little blessing to the needy

When God blesses a person, all who are close are also blessed, God bless @steemchurch and @SirKnight
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Great work Apostle!.
Helping those in need shows the love of our Heavenly Father is in us.

Thanks to our Selfless, compassionate and exemplary leader Sirknight for heeding the cry of nations.

With love from Nigeria.


thank you brothers from Nigeria, I want to thank you very much for your words, I know that God will bring blessings soon !!


Indeed you are so correct

Marcelo My Man, Thanks for the noble work.
May God continue to bless the work of your hands.


thanks brother druids

@sirknight is a man who deserves all the good words which you wish to praise him with.
The might of his good works has extended to the greatest level which we all need to learn from.

This is beautiful, sometimes spreading God's word through giving is really amazing, it's a concept that allows you reach the very essence of one's soul and touching them with do much joy and love.
You have inspired so much and it's so amazing to see how far you've come on steemchurch for such a short time, thank you so much for the amazing works, this is wonderful brother Marcelo, keep it up.


thank you for your words, thanks to @sirknight we could do this

With steemchurch the world will continue to simile, The Bible said he who gives never lack. Let us all cultivate the act of Love by helping the poor and the helps. Good job brother DM. Greetings


Thank you brother, we only bring a little blessing to those people who do not have to eat.

Wao! this is wonderful
it is good to hear that lives are touched in the city of Barcelona through the help of your family and this great community( #steemchurch ) and the vision of @sirknight
More grease to your elbow.


amen!! :)

Here in Venezuela we lament the crisis that is lived .. But God always sends help from heaven. Continue to do this


amen, God will help us






amen brother

This is gratifying brother and Apostle @marcelo182, On the days that we organized the meetup, I saw too many children asking.

Thank you for helping the Homeless.

But the generous will think generosity, and for generosity will be exalted.
Isaiah 32: 8

Hello apostol @ marcelo182 I bless to see the help that is given to other people and God will continue to bless this platform for love of neighbor, thanks to @Sirknight for this initiative


amen we will continue working

Its wonderful and very overwhrlmingreading this and knowing that the work of God is being done through you guys with sponsorship of @srknight and thats the reason steemchurcy will keep soaring higher than all other communities in steemit blockchain.

Great work indeed. This is one of the good attributes of steemchurch. We all should use this as an example of touching the lifes of people in our community. Also telling them about steemchurch change yourlife.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

@sirknight is really a role-model that we need to be proud of.
You just proved how committed you are to meeting the needs of people by took it upon yourself to stretch out the hands of love and give to the people in need.
The lord is your strenght.

Testimonies keeps flying in from every angle. This is a good attitude. Showing appreciation pushes one to do more. Thank you @sirknight for being a blessing to many

Thanks so much brother for all these good deeds to people who really needed help. May God who started this good work in you, see it to the end. God bless you all

You won't change the whole world system but in a small group we could form a better system independent of the mainstream one. If some wealthy people shared their wealth we would have more than enough finances to do what we need and help others. God wants us to live in abundance but people are trying to gain abundance in the wrong ways and use their wealth on the wrong things. God bless the people of venezuela for sharing what they have with the less privillegde. Great work APOSTLE @marcelo182

Beautiful testimony brother, the smile of that girl who received food is very beautiful lovely is very happy, God bless you even more everything you undertake brother

With steemchurch the world will keep on simile, The Bible said he who gives never need. Give all of us a chance to develop the demonstration of Love by helping poor people and the makes a difference. Great job sibling DM. Welcome

@sirknight is a man who merits all the great words which you wish to laud him with.

The might of his acts of kindness has reached out to the best level which we as a whole need to gain from.

Extraordinary work

Aiding those in require demonstrates the adoration for our Heavenly Father is in us.

On account of our Selfless, caring and excellent pioneer Sirknight for noticing the cry of countries.

With adoration from Nigeria.

great get notification from you a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing God favor you