Meeting to organize the sky bread project

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greetings community of @steemchurch, may God bless you, I am happy that yesterday we made the first meeting with the apostle @darlenys01, the high priest @emiliocabrera and myself, to begin to give life to the dream that God placed in the heart of our dear apostle @darlenys01, the project: bread from heaven

a project that will bring blessings to many children who find themselves in difficult situations here in this beautiful country, but who find themselves in difficult times.
We believe in God that Venezuela will rise and the time of harvest will come.

Recently, the apostle @darlenys01 suffered an accident, where he spent many days of medical rest, but since all things work for good, the apostle @darlenys01 used time to pray and have more connection with God, where God told him to renew his faith . , because there will be a better time for Venezuela, taking us to a new level.

photo: the Apostle Darlenys, the high priest Emilio and my person
note: the apostle Darlenys does not like to be photographed,
I accept only because Emilio and I could convince her. LOL.

At the meeting we were able to talk and organize ideas about how the bread from heaven project will organize meals, drinks, recreation for children and Steemchurch staff - Venezuela

This work will not be easy, but we trust in God so that everything goes well.

We can all be part of this project, no matter where you are!in the world, the important thing is that it will be an instrument to bless these children. We will need all the possible support. Any help or help you wish to provide, please contact the e-mail:
or through the website:

Apostles Darlenys and Daniel
High priest Emilio

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Good timeshare with these gentlemen, and I had no other option than to accept their request for photos, I enjoyed them a lot, I had fun and I laughed a lot. Thanks @emiliocabrera and @marcelo182 for their time and in the name of God everything will be fine!


greetings darlenys01, this project will gladden many hearts and bother our adversaries in the spiritual field, we will enter a fight against hunger but also in spiritual battle, we must bind and rebuke any spirit of revenge that wants to come against us. The Lord goes before us as a mighty Giant.


Amen, apostle @darlenys01, the meeting was a blessing, I thank God for sharing it with you and with Emilio, I also had a lot of fun. and we have a picture. hehe


Hi Beautiful snnifscurry, happy my eyes that see you naughty little ones! How do you see the cheese in Steemchurch?

bread from heaven, it is a blessing from on high. @darlenys01 I like to see your face, and congratulations @emiliocabrera for his appointment, greetings for apostel @marcelo182.


Greetings dear friend

God bless you brothers in this new journey of steemchurch #heavenbread! Thank you Sirk for all the effort and confidence in this divine journey!

There are always moments that will spill the heart of smiles, it is very true that our country is experiencing critical moments, regardless of political parties, there is nothing better than helping the most needy to those children who need so much support and help, provide a granite of sand bringing smiles, joys between so much despair, together everything is possible and a better world can be built. They make a good team, congratulations, may God bless you, thousands of successes!


thank you sister, if all united with a single purpose, despite the difficulties of our country.

Good thing I want to get in touch with you, to participate actively in this initiative, this week I bought with the help of my wife @ blessed-girl a thermal container of 44 liters for drinks. But I would like guidance on what kind of food and drinks I could add, nutritious and low budget to reach more children. I wait your answer.

I prayed to God for @darlenys01 so that God would give him strength like the buffalo.


My regards, brother. the apostle Darlenys put in his publication a wassap so that everyone could communicate with her. we wait for you in the activity

It's good that everything is activated for bread from heaven. greetings @ marcelo182, @emiliocabrera, these are my apostle @darlenys01 recovered, good to see you.


Amen, God bless you.

Darlenys happy to see you, the church is consolidated, Venezuela is ready to see the blessing of bread from heaven.

You look very good @darlenys01, I hope you continue in good health for everything that comes, cordial greetings to the gentlemen @emiliocabrera and @marcelo182. As they did to achieve that photo?


It was a difficult task LoL


take a picture, a difficult job ahaha

It was a nice meeting, I enjoyed listening to everything related to the SteemChurch, the dream we have with bread from heaven. In that meeting we were clear in that we love all the parishes of the Church and the dream of SK in the crusade for Freedom.

Apostle Marcelo! objective achieved to take a photo to the Apostle Darlenys hahaha.


Amen Emilio, if the mission was completed, a photograph was taken. hehehe

I am happy that this meeting has been held, I believe that this event will be a blessing, I hope to attend.


blessings sister, if you can go, we hope to see you at the event


Blessings sister, if
You can go, we hope to see
You at the event

                 - marcelo182

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Bread from heaven is call from heaven and I know with God everything is possible.


dear dear friend

This is amazing. Beautiful and handsome people. God bless you for availing your time and energy planning for the #heavenbread project. Your seeds will never be hungry. @marcelo182, I sight you.


thank you very much teacher, blessings

A big hug, dear apostle, I wish I could attend this meeting and ignauguration. but I declare that it will be a blessing. Greetings to all leaders of steemchurch Apostle Darlenys and Marcelo


Greetings friend, thank you for knowing this project

Men and women with purpose! God bless you in this project of love. By the way, they look great in the photo, our warrior Darlenys is very cute!


Thank you very much sister. regards

Excellent, seeing the steemchurch leaders together for one purpose is definitely beautiful. I know that God is pouring blessings for you. bread of heaven a true beginning of blessing for Venezuela


Thank you sister, I hope we can see you at the event.

Excellent ... God will do wonders and will surprise us with great things @marcelo, @ daelenys01 @emiliocabrera.
¿If God with us, who against us?


amen sister

Greetings Darlenys emilio marcelo, God will put in your hand what you need for this project as well as people, I am ready for this great project. God bless you greatly


Amen thanks you Junfer