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It's the most horrendous account of the human history Originally, God wanted us to live in perfect harmony with him. He put our first parents in a glorious paradise where there was no pain, sadness, suffering nor death. Our home was a garden perfect, watered by a river. We spoil it. Adam sinned, departing from the presence of God, and it was expelled from the garden.

The curse of Sin affected the entire planet. The earth was cursed, and no longer it would be easy to obtain the food. Adam was left in a cursed world, but he was given a promise.

The Messiah would come, and one day the Paradise would be restored. One day we will be in another garden, watered by another river, in the paradise!

The story of the Bible connects to paradise Lost with paradise restored. There is two gardens, interconnected by what it happened in the garden of Gethsemane and in the cross. There are also two rivers, connected by a river that flows in its channel along the whole Bible: the river of forgiveness. We found that river, where the baptism of Jesus is described.
Before beginning your ministry public, Jesus was baptized "to fulfill all justice. " Although he had no sin, He agreed to go through an experience planned for sinners. Baptism is a symbol, what It represents? tells us that it is a graphic representation of death, burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When the believer is baptized, the old sinner dies, is buried, and a new creature. Baptism is a new beginning. Is death, burial and resurrection. How much you baptize, you proclaim to the world that you dieto sin, that you are buried with Jesus, and that you resurrect a new life in him. You are
a new creature.

It is the only funeral that heaven appreciates. It's a symbolic funeral that God established to represent something very specific; but Christianity generated hundreds of methods of different baptisms. That was not the purpose of God. speaks of a Lord, a faith and a baptism.

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