The Greatest Passports of the World and the Exceptional Passport for all


The giant financial firm (Arton Capital) which specializes in helping wealthy individuals to obtain multiple citizenships worldwide did a recent research to know the world's most powerful passports. Since a passport from a country on good diplomatic terms with its peers is a powerful tool, allowing holders to travel across borders with ease.

The Immigrants' Investor Program allows various individual, wealthy persons to apply for different passports of their choices with the attached conditions of being ready to invest a substantial part of their wealth in the country offering the investor immigrants programs. The results revealed that US and UK passports which give holders access to 147 countries were tied in the first place. Passports from the world's most populous country, China, offer quick access to 74 countries.
Indian passports offer 59 easy destinations.
A Russian passport provides 98 countries.
Sweden and Italy attract 144 countries.
Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherland and Switzerland attract 142 countries.

However, most countries in the middle east and Africa attract between 28 and 41 countries.

It is good to have all these powerful passports on this earth but a bitter truth is that you'll still need another passport when you are departing from this world which is full of so many adventures, depression, and agony. God has a well-planned visa plan through the blood of Jesus Christ. That is why the book of Ecclesiastics is shouting aloud "Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity" (Eccl.1:2).

What the Holy Spirit is reminding us today is that; There is one passport that is very important for everyone who aspires to have eternal rest and investment in the heavenly paradise whose economy is forever.
The Arton Capital and various investors Immigrant Programs of this world will not help anyone to get that passport. It is an individual responsibility. You must do all you can to protect your salvation (Your Visa) because Satan is busy exchanging the right Visas with the wrong ones at the night seasons (trial and delay seasons) of our lives.
Resist him, your growing discouraged or spiritually cold could give Satan avenue to snatch the right Visa and exchange it with the wrong one.


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