Supernatural Courage And Faith



Change is an appendage of faith which is needed to break the backbone of the enemy.
Faith is from the Greek word ’pistils’ which means ’agreement’ with the engrafted word of God.

It was courage that David had when he stepped out of his line to challenge Goliath; the contest was the stepping stone he needed to disgrace Goliath. Despite the fact that Goliath is giant than David but because of his faith, boldness and courage, he was able to conquer Goliath.

Goliath depends on his physical armour and his physical look but David put His confidence in God and he never depends on his own ability. He stepped out to face Goliath and he was given victory because he has the backing of God.

You don’t have to have everything before you step out to face the challenges of your life, Your courage is what God works with to fight your battle for you.

There is no faith without courage; faith is the mother of courage which is a kingdom virtue of winners.


Beloved, you are programmed for victory every day but you need faith and courage alongside praise to get your victory delivered unto you because courage is like carriage that is needed to deliver an appendage of faith, for fate overturn the need for the fearful, the faithful to become by tact of the faithful wholeness results from boldness, you can’t be bold and not get it right because actions in boldness sanctions the enemies and the awful ends up being joyful.

Courage scores the goal of covenant action and is the armour of champions.
Faith will help your walk with God to be smooth but courage will help you to take some certain steps of faith that will launch you into a life that is worthy of emulation and give glory to God.

You don’t have to believe the lies of the devil and the enemy that you cannot achieve big, this is the time to focus your attention on how big your God is and not how big your problem is or how mighty your challenges are. The more you focus on those ugly sides of your life, the more you lose hope and your strength will be reduced to proceed to achieve big. Instead of being weighed down, buckle up your faith and take up the armour of courage and face the Goliath of your dream, vision and destiny.

When your faith in God is strong and you are courageous and bold just like David was, you will definitely overcome. Yours is the victory.


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