A little Act Of Kindness Can Go A long Way in Saving A Soul than PreachingsteemCreated with Sketch.


We live in a world where many people are faced with different challenges that required deep understanding and closeness to really discern the reasons behind some people's decisions and behaviours. A little act of kindness and love is what some need to really live life to the fullness.

There was a story of one sister who decided to end her life due to the situation that surrounded her (no electricity, no food, no clothing, no transport for the children to go to school, no money to pay for the children’s’ school fees, no money to pay for rent), her condition was so critical and to her the best option is to end her life without considering what will come of the children after her departure.

Within this period, there has been several Christian according to her that has been preaching to her that God loves her and some will pray for her, all she needed is more than just hearing the word “God loves you”.

She needed money to pay her house rent, she needed food, she needed shelter and even more things she needed to make her live again. All those preachings did not touch her heart, she decided to end her life but on the same day after she has concluded and she has even left message for the children not to bother about her if they didn’t see her but to the glory of God on the same day, two brethren visit her and they just requested a little out of her time, when they observed the look on her face, instead of proceeding with preaching, they first asked from her what really happened to her and what she needed in other for her to be happy, without hesitation, she voice out her problems, with compassion, they gave her some money, while still waiting, the second person went to get her some food stuffs.

This act of kindness touched her heart and she gave them listening ear and she gave her life completely to God and since then she started fellowshipping in their church. She was so happy and she praised God and now she strongly believes that God is alive.

The lady had a few minutes to commit suicide till LOVE was shown to her. The word “family” rarely ends up meaning who we are blood-related, and usually ends up becoming who we allow them to be.

It is important to always have the understanding of how to meet the needs of others at every point in time. In this world of stress, never forget that a smile is one of the few contagious things that we should spread. Spread it to everyone today, you never knew whom that your smile might just help to get ease.

He who waters shall be watered

There are some people that all that they need is someone that will just smile at them and tell them how beautiful or handsome they are.

Smile to others and stretch out hands of help no matter how small it might be, once you have it in your capacity, don’t postpone it till another day, it might cause harm to others that really need it at that moment.

God has committed in our hands to preach the gospel to the whole world, there are some people that won’t believe until they see you reaching out to them with compassion and willingness to help them and meet them at the point of their needs.


Very true. The preaching turned into actions, beyond the words can touch the heart of the needy. Reflect the love of Jesus as He did. He healed the sick, fed the hungry, freed the afflicted. Greetings and blessings.

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