Gracefully Broken!

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Yeah! There are bad things that put you in right positions. Bad moments could be the only journey for your happiness. When you are broken gracefully, it's entails God breaking you to put you right. He doesn't break you to abandon you, he only breaks you to teach you.

some sadness are the journey but never the destination

God needed you to be broken and be down not because he can't lift you up but because experience will teach you much better. When going through thick and thin or in turmoil, just have it at the back of your mind that your challenge is the vehicle to your breakthrough. Have that consciousness belief and it will work for you.

when gracefully broken, you are broken to be in the right place and at the right time. It is an inevitable qualifications for victory at last.

Don't give up on you and God because of your situation, just know that, the situation is your link to a big testimony.
Have you ever wondered why things never work like you expect it to? Have you ever felt dejected and stupid for doing things you feel you are right about? Well, you might need all these things in our lives sometimes. It will open up our mind to learning what life is truly is and direct our steps to a fruitful spotlight.

Brokeness is a camouflage, don't pay attention to it. ItS only there to deceive you from the clearer picture in front of you. Understand and learn from your disappointments because it's the greatest teacher that man knoweth not of. God needs a right mind and belief to walk in that set place for you, fortunately, brokenness could be the only way to set your mind right. It's all for your good.

All things will work for you, either bad or good. Stay positive and motivated!

Happy Sunday fellas and much love from me

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