True Friendship

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Jesus Friendship:
"Greater love has no one than :to lay down one's life for one's friend's(John 15:13)
As we seek to experience the Jesus Friendship we need to understand what real and true friendship means to Jesus.
1: True Friendship is a commitment of the one who decides to make others His friend. It centers on the making the initiative to make friends.Jesus made a decision to call disciples His friends(John 15:15)
2: True Friendship will stand the test of time. It will survive the bad times and the good times because true friendship is not base on the circumstances and feelings of other party but on the one who made the commitment.(Luke 23:31-34)
3: True friendship is Stubborn. It is immovable ,it refuses to let it go and give up even if the other party lets go.Jesus is consistent in calling His disciples friends(John 21:4-5)
4:True Friendship is not Mutual.
It is not based on give and take relationship of two people.(John21:15-17) In this verse Jesus simply was saying." DO Not Return Back To Me What I Did For Us but Extend and Share it to Others.
Our Human nature seeks and dictates us to have a return investment mindset.
"I - do - this - will - do - it - you - so - must - do - it - to - me -too"mentality.Jesus is different "I do -this -to - you- so -you - do -it - to -others"
Think about it"
We have heard it said. "Best friend are Best enemies"and we believe and accepted it to be the truth norm.In reality it does not to be .If you believe it,you will expect it and will happen to your friendship .Those who accepted this statement as truth cannot and will not grow deep in thier friendship indeed for fear of @Broken Friendship.
In a self centered and self absorb world we live in , A friendship that is not mutual is unthinkable, unbelievable, and impossible. As we think Jesus friendship our thinking ought to be different and our standard .Upon knowing and expereincing Jesus friendship among ourselves that we can effectively offer Jesus friendship to the community @steemains communityand to the arounf the world. Thanks for giving short time to read this post of mine may this can help and share more friendly relationship here.God Bless us all![IMG_8642.JPG]
This sisters in Christ of mine in the photo
with me , She always give me a love, support ,advices and always welcome us to Her house ..IMG_8792.JPG

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