Your Victory

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Greetings to all the parishioners, men and women of the Steem Church, that the blessings of God persecute them every day of their lives. I have missed them a lot but we are in a necessary time in our lives and it has really been a great blessing. We have seen God move wonderfully and give powerful words that we have believed and that we trust will be ready soon because we understood that there was a transition in our lives. The past time was left behind the time of harvest!

What defines a great victory? Certainly, the size, importance, capacity and power of the adversary, in the case of a dispute, or the size of the diamond, of the damage, of the loss in case of facts.


As soon as the creation was finished, man and woman enjoyed all the perfection of Eden; as they exercised their responsibility to be the stewards of creation, they confronted Satan, one of God's creatures, who inserted evil into the hearts of our first parents. He used the snake, the most sagacious of all wild animals, to attract the woman and convince her to walk the path of independence, using the insertion of a doubt in the truth presented by God. The strategy worked very well. The result, in turn, was catastrophic. We call this result "original sin" or "fall". All humanity (as well as the entire ecosystem too) has been affected. The damage was done. This was without a doubt the greatest defeat ever experienced by humanity, since she is the mother of all others.

The great news was soon announced by the Creator: from the seed of the woman would emerge a seed that would definitively defeat Satan. This great victory was not only announced but also promised. As God is not false to promises and does not know imperfection, being unable to be a liar or proclaimer of deceptive propaganda, the promise of the "great victory" came to follow the history of mankind.

What was the strategy of the adversary (known as Satan)? Take care of the "seeds" to annihilate any possibility of fulfillment of the promise. At each birth an assault; With each defeat, an evil celebration. The first two seeds were fired: Abel died and, with him, the possibilities of the "great victory" were fulfilled. Cain was the cause of the death of Abel, incapacitated to be the protagonist of this great achievement. So it was with all future births.

However, there came a great day announcing in a grandiose and extraordinary way a great birth: JESUS, the son of the virgin of Galilee. The signs in the sky and the announcements of angels pointed to a small city in Judea, where the couple Joseph and Mary traveled by divine providence. New malignant mobilization.

Countless assaults were scheduled and carried out. The tactic was to win by insistence. He spent his early childhood, adolescence and youth. All this period marked by the failed assaults. One more attempt, this time with more violence and pressure. As soon as JESUS ​​was baptized by John, he was led by the Spirit into the desert, where he spent forty days and nights being tempted by the devil (Matthew 4: 1-11). Once again hell was frustrated.

There has been success with the other seeds because they have been contaminated since their generation. With the divine seed, Jesus, the situation was different, because it was the immaculate, perfect and sinless seed (Heb 4:15). The probabilities of hell were nil. Despite this, the attempts continued.

The moment came when Jesus was handed over to his executioners. He was arrested, tried, convicted, murdered and buried. By this time there was (I imagine) an explosive celebration in hell. The "great defeat" would remain the only mark of humanity. The party was "liberated" when one of Satan's scouts arrives in a hurry and interrupts the party to report something unimaginable, inconceivable, unprecedented, extraordinary, supernatural and, above all, absurdly threatens to perpetuate the "great defeat": the stone that kept the dead.

JESUS ​​in the realm of the dead, and who considered the possibilities of the final reversal of the curse cast in Eden unviable, was being eliminated. The mobilization was immediate towards the grave of the perpetuation of the "great defeat", but ... THERE WAS NO!

The Christ of God can not be restricted by death! He has risen!

Outside of Christ, what is called "victory" is nothing more than a "spasm" with definitive validity. THE GREAT AND TRUE VICTORY was conquered by Christ. He defeated death by giving his own life. It is only possible to experience it through him. He came, defeated Satan and sin in his own home and will return wrapped in glory to seek his Church.

To him all honor, glory and praise.


Jesus' mission does not end with His death. The fact that he rose from the dead shows that He overcame death. and we must all be sure that He lives! He rose again! and that is our greatest victory.
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