Have you taken any wrong attitude and gone back after that?

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Beloved brothers, perhaps like me, you have noticed that the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ are exceptionally powerful in converting the soul and the mind.

He always taught: It's better to repent and not go on without asking for forgiveness.


It is known that it is not so easy to ask for forgiveness, to recognize mistakes, to think, to return and to perceive that the act that he committed was not true. For some people, that's humiliating and some do not accept that condition. But all these tasks, besides being seen as the love of the Lord Jesus in us, also means growth, mainly spiritual.

It is important to remember that we are all subject to mistakes and failures, but in order to have attitudes like these we need courage, detachment of pride. What if it were the other way around? Would you take that grudge forward or sit with the person to resolve?

Pride is one of the great evils of humanity. Thinking of the next one is almost never taken into consideration. It is always better to say: "I spoke and talked again!" Or: "It's good that she learns something!" Humility is not taken into account, because it is forgotten because of the lack of love for one's neighbor.

It is not easy to go against the pain and selfishness that is responsible for humanity, but accurate. Admitting an error is like admitting "I am not mature as I imagined it to be", or, "I need to improve in many things as a person".

We are free when we ask for forgiveness, and we recognize for ourselves and for others that we are sinners. It has a sense of relief, from which a weight has been removed from the shoulders.

If you acknowledge that you did wrong to someone, regardless of the situation that led you to commit that evil and did not give testimony of who God is in your life, do not waste time, call that person and acknowledge their human nature. To recognize and honor the name of the Lord Jesus, and not to shame.


Listen to this teaching of Jesus: "Confess your sins to one another and pray to one another to be healed." The prayer of the righteous person can greatly suffice. "James 5.16


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Good reminder Sister Lorennys, we must maintain a humble spirit to admit that we fail and we can ask for forgiveness if we offend someone.




Amen, thanks you EC... Blessings to Steemchurch

I love your lorennys friend publication and even more your reflection about it, since they are actions and behavior that we see and suffer on a daily basis and sometimes we do not realize how to analyze, think, change and much more reflect.

Many times we find it hard to say sorry. Good sister theme


Thanks Sister