The people - They won't care

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I was walking down my street today and I saw a young girl sitting and crying. I noticed how everyone walked passed her without even looking at her direction. Then I remembered the story of the good samarithan and how everyone walked passed the half dead man. So I approached her to inquire the cause of her crying and she said her name is favour and had not eaten since the morning of the previous day. Immediately tears rolled down my eyes. I asked about her parents but she said that she was an orphan I felt heart broken. Then I looked around and saw the multitude of people passing by and asked out of curiosity if she had asked any of these people for help and she said she did but everyone seemed too busy to even listen to her. I said to myself, what kind of world do we live in. A world where people care only for themselves, a world where selfishness rules, a world where the poor gets poorer and the rich get richer.

I don't have much but I took this little girl home, prepared something for her to eat. After eating she asked for some more so she could give her brother who is sick at home. I gave her the whole meal , bought some drugs for the brother, gave her the last money I had on me and told her she's now part of my family and that she and her brother could always come around since she refused to come stay with me.

I don't even have a job but I promised to always be there for her and her brother. She was so grateful that she started crying again that she has never been shown this kind of love in her life. I felt fulfiled and filled with joy because I impacted a life possitively and put a smile on someone's face.

You who have so much what have you done with the much you have, how many lifes have you impacted possitively, how many people have you put a smile on their faces? Are you like the people who just pass by and never see others, are you one who will never care? Or have you forgotten the story of the rich man and lazarus. The rich man had the means and countless oppurtunity to show love, care and help Lazarus but he did not. In the end you know what happened. Why not join me and put a smile on a face. Thank you

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What a great thing to do. I am sure it will come back to with interest! The good may lose in the short run, but they win in the end! You are a generous and kind person, which is the best a man can be. Never let anything change that. Good for you for not only stopping, but for extending the care and the concern into the future. It will lighten her heart to know there is someone who cares, even if you never see her or her brother again.

Well played.


Thanks for the compliment. I will strive to do my best

Concise and endowed article.. That's a great move in the right direction. God Bless you as you advance God's Kingdom

Short and sweet and entertaining. Awesome.

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