Achieving Greatness

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To be great means to be much more than average, to be important, and impressive having high status and a lot of influence. In this post I will be telling you about greatness looking at 3 perspectives.
In life many people achieve greatness through different ways some of which are honest while some are ill-gotten. But all paths to greatness can narrowed down into 3.

    To this category of people, greatness is their birth right. They do not have to struggle for anything. Everything they need is offered to them on a platter of gold. In fact they are those born with a silver spoon. This category are usually constituted by Royalties. For example the first daughter of the Queen of England becomes the next Queen of England after her mother. It's her birth right and she is treated as a Queen even from birth. All she needs is provided for her even the one that are not necessary as long as it makes her look Queenly. Same as the first sons of kings as they are rightful heir to a throne. It's a fact that we do not choose our parents so those in this category are the luckiest and most privileged ones.


    This set people enjoy greatness through the help and assistance of others. They may not even be qualified but through the influence of great people, they attain greatness. Their helpers may be in the same field of works with them like we see today in our music industry where a great muscian picks up young talents, mentors and support them until they become a epitome of greatness. It also happens in the political sector where Godfathers, past presidents, governors, people with power choose to endorse a particular person who may not stand the chance of winning alone and this person achieves greatness through the help and support of these Godfathers. This category of people are usually very favoured.


    This category of people may start with nothing except a strong will and a drive for greatness. They usually struggle for everything. They work harder than any other person because they are never comfortable with their present condition or situation. They usually set goals and target for themselves and work hard till the set goals are achieved. They are strong spirited persons who never give up even if they fail. They continue because they know that failure is only when you fail and fail to continue. They work hard until they succeed. They are usually faced with challanges like financial defiency, oppression from those at the top and discouragement from jealous haters. Despite all these, people in this category always finds a way of passed through all hurdles and becomes successful. For example, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, chief Obafemi Awolow. Most people would not want to be in this category but this category of people are those that are celebrated and at the long run they make other people great.
    Finally, some are born great, some are made great, yet others work hard to become great. If you are lazy and have nothing to inherit, you can never be rich. However, riches alone does not make greatness. One has to be hardworking, honest, popular and rich to become great. The world is full of ups and downs, however, while there is life, there is hope. Never Give Up!! Thank you.
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God bless you...thank you for this post