Compassion and happiness

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A long time ago that I do not write for the Lords and Ladies of the great @steemchurch, and how to forget all the benefits received by you in my early days of steemit, the apostles and pastors are excellent, I admire them.

The secret of happiness has been discussed for generations, one after another tribe, language and nation, have discussed why, how a man can achieve in contentment or full happiness, has been in this quest that man has come to know thousands of Traditions, forms, doses, myths, philosophies, and secrets.

But in the midst of this we remember man like Muhammad liberating a people, followed by an army, became many people and in their religious battles, I get to have Muchops Adepts, who sought a kind of hidden wisdom, the Prophet Muhammad said possess it, said Receive her from Angels.

I can also name Joseph Smith a man who also sought happiness through the truth, said he had encounters with angels, who told him to Formarian and build through him, the true Church, or being clearer, the true religion.

How to stop naming Charles Russel, and his followers called at first the Russels, each with a belief system, each with his own additives, if angels or people, these are some of those men who sought a kind of contentment Through piety.

We have the number of popes, nuns who for years have sought devotion and enlightenment, towards God, the pilgrimage, and a mixture of the sacred with the profane, can be seen in many priests, but hey this is a story already known by many.

So we can also see many others, who rose in search of the truth, the Secret of happiness, and eternal youth. For you where is it? Where is it? Through a revelation? Through some philosophy or belief?

I think there in every human being a hunger to know the secret of the universe, where we come from, where we go, how can I be happy in the midst of the global economic crisis ask some? Others have simply learned to live connected with the natural, with a simple God and spirituality without many rituals, alone you and him. A god who waits no longer
That we serve him, which is nothing other than working for the neediest, helping others, embracing the sick, caring for the elderly, feeding the hungry, greeting and saying thank you, smiling, and blessing the one who can curse, things as simple as these are if Nonimo of spirituality, and that there is a god closer to what we think, shouting is telling us, the secret of happiness is placed in you since before they were born, but their multitude of rituals, jealousy religious and political, hunger for power and money has Impe That they can see it clearly.

So, the greatest secret of the Universe, is not in a theology, a religious experience, or a theory, or less in a stone or formula or chemistry or mathematics, is within every human being, the point is that very few have we reached to understand.



However, God made it all beautiful for the right time. He sowed eternity in the human heart, but even so the human being cannot comprehend the full extent of what God has done from the beginning to the end. Ecclesiastes 3:11 NTV


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