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Leadership is influence. Nothing more and nothing more. It is greatly dependent on one catching a vision and then, mobilizing others to join in its fulfillment and accomplishment. It is not about titles or positions. Leadership speaks volume of influencing others in a worthwhile cause. The leader must earn the right to lead and others choose to follow.

For a leader to lead effectively, certain qualities need to be intact and a few is being discussed below;



Contrary to what many think about leadership today, leadership begins with a need. In the Bible, we see that leadership did not start when someone wanted to fill an empty position because there were no positions to fill. There was no protocol or structure at all. There was no vote for deacons or any position. All those that led did so because they saw a need and got others to help in meeting the need. True leadership only takes place when one sees a specific problem or problems that needs to solved or addressed. Unfortunately, in the world today, this pattern of leadership is not being followed and hence, the failures in many systems. When leadership is pure, it always starts with a need; the need then sparks passion within a person, which causes the person to act in response to the need. This then moves others to respond, contribute and cooperate.

The question then comes; when you hear and see the many needs around you, which one strikes a chord in your heart? What kind of 'specialist' are you called to become? What will you do before you die? What will be your significant contribution? Ponder on these and give answers to yourself!


Many leaders emerged in time past owing to the fact that they possessed a gift. They possessed some ability that did fit the need of the moment perfectly. They were competent in a relevant area and their gifts solved a problem. In all cases, the gift was from God, but it took different forms. Some were spiritual gifts like in the case of Sampson, some an acquired skill and some natural talents.

God has deposited something in each and everyone of us that is to be delivered to the people around us. In other words, everyone has something we all need. We need to find and discover these gifts in us and when we do, we naturally influence others. When leadership is in its purest form, a person finds a gift inside him, develops and grooms the gift. The gift eventually matches matches with a place of service, which provides a platform for influence and the person then flourishes because of their gifts. The Bible tells us that the gift of a man makes a way for him. Find your gift because we naturally lead in the area of our gifts. In our gifts, we are most influential, natural, satisfied, intuitive, productive, comfortable etc.

What is your primary gift? What do you add to your organization that you do best? What contribution do you make in the body of Christ that will be missed if you were gone?

It is worthy of note that you cannot be effective in leading until you can meet a need or needs. You gift may look small and very insignificant but it is what the world is looking for. Don't hide or hoard it. Whatever thing God will ever give to you will be in its raw form, you will have to work on it. So, for you gifts to be impactful, you have to constantly work on developing and improving it.

God bless you and stay blessed till I come your way next time!


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Great teaching on Leadership. Thank you @Liltom002 for this piece.

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God bless you.


Wow these make great leaders

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Beautiful write brother @Liltom. A leader needs an EYE more than anything to SEE Visions.

Pleasure Sir