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Numerous events in recent times testify to the increasing multiplicity of evil in our world. Moral decadence, corruption, immoral and sinful habits, and other forms of vices are growing at an alarming rate; people commit all manner of atrocities without blinking an eye; there is a deliberate and mindless disregard for God and His Word; and while the righteous are slandered and denied their entitlements, the wicked are applauded and exalted.

No doubt, we are living in the last days and as the scripture says, "Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived" (2 Timothy 3:13). Admittedly, these ungodly practices of ungodly men and women daily expose genuine Christians to diverse ungodly influences which assault their sensibilities and try to dampen their desire to please God. Nevertheless, the Bible admonishes all true believers in Jesus Christ to be steadfast in their walk with God and valiant for the truth in the face of the corrupting activities and deteriorating moral fabrics of this dying world. You need to stand firm and courageously hold the fort irrespective of whatever the world throws at you.

Satan's ultimate agenda is to hinder as many Christians as possible from continuing in the way of righteousness. Thus, this is the time to awake from spiritual slumber and be vigilant in order to detect his moves and wiles orchestrated against you. Keep watch over your soul and guard your heart jealously against deceivers, false doctrines and the subtle manipulations of the devil to sabotage your Christian journey. Stand fast, be courageous and zealous for the things of God until the end.

Also, fix your heart on God and stay connected to Christ, for except you abide in Him, you can do nothing. As you hold the fort, seek God's help and power on a daily basis so that you can continue in Him. He is the life and source of all you need to be victorious at this crucial hour. God knows all that we are going through and He will help us. Holding fast our profession until the end is the only sure way of receiving the crown of life. Saints of old like Enouch, Abraham, Elijah, Moses, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, Paul to mention but a few all had their moment of trials and temptations but their eyes were fixed on God and eventually, the made it. You too can make it, if only you hold on to God irrespective of the flood of temptations and trials against which you will help to strive.

Whatever the negative trends and influences in the society, you must remain unwavering in your Christian conviction and faith in God. Never compromise unholy living. Shun every form of frivolity or careless living. Lay aside every sin and weight that holds you down and endure affliction as a true soldier of Christ. Perhaps, you have never surrendered you life to Jesus or you once did but have turned back from following Him. Today is another opportunity; Repent of your sins and return to God, make Christ the Lord of your life as a matter of urgency so that you can enjoy his blessings on earth and make it to heaven at last.


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