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Main text- psalm 91:2

will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
King James Version (KJV)

Sub texts - proverbs 18:10, 25:2, 2:4.
Romans 5:17
John 14:6
Psalm 103:7, 91:3
Obadiah 1:17
1 Peter 3: 4

The more time you spend in the secret place with God the less time you spend dealing with issues. Intimacy is created by constant communication and it takes sacrifice to dwell in the secret place. A man that wants to be in the secret place of God must constantly search God,
to know the power of resurrection you must dwell with him in the secret place.

The secret place is a place of fellowship alone with God. God is the custodian of the secret place, the secret place is a place built by God to dwell in you. The secret place is a place of assured mindset by constant, persistent and conscious fellowship with Jesus. The secret place is a place where you go and receive.

Sin is the only thing that can stop you from entering and dwelling the secret place of God. Sin is anything that does not conform with God (contradicts God). The secret place of God is not for everybody instead it is for a certain few that has agreed to conform to God.


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Benefits of dwelling in the secret place

  1. The mind of God is with you : dwelling in the secret place gives you the opportunity to understand the mind of God.

  2. Dwelling in the secret place gives you deliverance : a man that dwells in the secret place understands the power that is made available to him.

  3. Deliverance from noisome pestilence

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