Ways to help in improving the lives of the poor and needy.

in steemchurch •  11 months ago

Poverty has been a major issue in the world ,and that needs quick response.
For that to happen, we all need to work hard to help the poor and needy.

Below are some ways we can help in improving the lives of the poor.


Donations : No matter how little we have, we should always learn to help the poor and the needy.
We can donate to organizations,because many of these organizations needs donations to survive and serve their communities.


We should always learn to volunteer.
There are many groups you can work with :
Children, the homeless ,mentally ill, the elderly.


Other than money, you can donate food, clothes, old furnitures,toiletry items and books to local shelters and programs.
These donations help people in straitened circumstances.

I pray God help us and strengthen us more to be able to help the poor and needy in any way we can.

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