Should Christians give all their tithes to local church.

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Tithe is given of our 10 percent earning to God.


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Tithe is the one tenth of our annual earning formerly taken as a tax for the support of the church.

Christians often ask if they should give all their tithes to local church or if they can give a portion of it to a ministry.

But there's actually no clear biblical mandate that your generosity has to be in a certain proportion to your church and to other ministry.

As for me, if I'm a pastor and someone comes to me and said 'i'd like to tithe ,where should i give it, I would say starting with a tithe here is a good idea and from there you can give more here and elsewhere.

But i would never say you must give your tithes to this church . I just don't find it in the Bible .

When we think about what churhes need in order to survive and flourish, I think they need roughly tenth of what their people have and more.
You can feel free to go beyond that.

I would encourage everyone to always learn to pay their tithes and also learn to give, be generous.

I pray we all learn to have the strength of giving and paying of our tithes.

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