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Often times when we hear the words "i love you", the first thing that comes to mind is a love affair between a man and a woman...
Well, this might be true but not entirely.

Love is a commandment from God....
Love is that one thing that is expected from each and every individual.

So you think because you can speak in tongues and give words of prophecy... You are a complete Christain? Guess what? No you are not... Even the bible says that such a person is as a sounding brass...

Love is what we need, love is what God demands from is, Love is what we need to bring a change to our lives and our nation as a whole...

Love God and love your neighbors even as Christ has loved you...

Let love lead, let Love guide and let the love of God constrain you...

Please note, that loving is sometimes difficult but you just have to be intentional about it
Even when people hurt you, still choose to love and watch how things begin to turn around.

God can only dwell in an environment where love exists.

So lets keep loving and steeming FAM...

For further meditation..
Check 1st Corinthians 13


Love is patient and kind...
I Cor13:1-13
Happy Birthday in Arrears @kingernie, have a Fruitful Year ahead.

Thank you for your contribution.
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Love is suffered, it is benign; love has no envy, love is not boastful, it is not puffed up; he does not do anything undue, he does not seek his own, he does not get irritated, he does not hold a grudge; he does not enjoy injustice, but he enjoys the truth.

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