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Above all else, guard your heart; because of life mana. Proverbs 4:23

The heart is fickle, unstable and prone to be deceived therefore you must take care of it, to avoid feelings, emotions, erroneous teachings, grudges, bitterness among other things that accumulate in the long run and are manifested in behaviors that compromise what we say we are Have you checked what you have in your heart? There is a way to know it. Look how it is acting.

According to the general concept, a person is worth what he has, but the Bible teaches us that a person is worthy of his good name, which derives from his good performance in everything he does, no matter how much he has.

The foregoing does not indicate that we must publish our name in order to be known, but rather what kind of life we ​​lead. God is looking for people who are pure of heart who are willing to serve Him without reservation.

Getting to be known for having a pure heart begins with paying attention to our thoughts, because from our thoughts come our words, our emotions, our attitudes and our motives.

We must be attentive and understand that God does not bless the actions that are done for erroneous reasons or with an impure heart, and not understand this, is what leads us to denigrate God, because we believe it bad by not giving us what we ask. In the same way it happens when we ask our earthly father.

To be clean and pure of heart is not a characteristic of our nature; in most of us, it is something for which we must work. This is a challenge that every person who considers himself accepted by God, should want to accept, but we can not face it alone, we need your help.

Our dependence on God is such, that He has created us to be dependent on Him, to bring to Him the challenges we face and to ask Him to help us with them. He alone knows what is in our heart and is an expert in taking away from us the worthless things to leave those that are valuable.

Even if someone says otherwise, you will have to pay a price to have a pure heart, but there is also a reward. We should not be afraid to take on the responsibility of allowing God to do a deep work of purification in us.

We will not always feel comfortable with the truth that He shows, but if we do our part, facing it, accepting it and allowing ourselves to change, God assures us that we will be blessed.

God bless you greatly.

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One of the things I always ask of the Lord is that he help us to keep our pure heart, unshakable for him, despite our mistakes.


Thank you for your comment sc-v God knows our heart and is an expert in cleaning it that is not to your liking or that is not convenient for our life.
God bless you