The reason why questions like "Who created the Creator?" shows a wrong Image of God

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The question "Where did God come from?" assumes, that people who asked this thinking of the wrong God, because the God of the bible is not affected by time, space or matter.If he's affected by time space or matter, he's not God.Time space and matter is what we call a continuum.

All of them have to come into existence at the same instant, because if there were a matter but no space, WHERE would you put it?

If there were matter in space, but no time, WHEN would you put it?

You can not have time space or matter independently.They have to come into existence simultaneously.The bible answers that in ten words.

  1. In the beginning - there's a time
  2. God created the heaven - their space
  3. An the earth - there's matter

So the questioner (people who want to know "Who created God?") have time space matter created, a trinity of Trinity's their justice.You know time is past present future, space has length with heigt, matter has solid liquid gas.The enquirer have a Trinity of Trinity's created instantaneously and the God who created them has to be outside of them.If he's limited by time, he's not God.

The Guy who created a computer is not in the computer, he's not running around in there changing the numbers on the screen, you see?The God who created this universe is outside of the universe, he's above it beyond it in through he's uneffected by it.That's the reason why the concept of a spiritual force can not have any effect on a material body.

The question "Where did God come from?" is assuming a limited God and that's the enquirers problem, who have a complete different Image of God compared to believers.The God I worship is not limited by time space or matter.If I could fit the infinite God in my three-pound brain he would not be worth worshiping that's for certain, so the unlimited God outside the universe without all these called restrictions is that believers worship.

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This comes back to an old chain of reasoning I've had as an adolescent, and still it's the only way I can make sense of creator and creation: So, since there was only God before the creation of everything (time, space, matter, energy), and since nothing can come from nothing, the creation must come from God. In other words, part of God became the creation. This realization completely changed my view on the world, realizing the divine nature of everything. The next step is seeing how the creation is in constant flux, always changing, taking on new forms of matter, energy, etc. To me this just shows how creation is not finished, but on-going continuously. In other words, the divine creation (which is just another manifestation of the creator) keeps creating, and re-creating itself into newer and newer forms.

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