Jesus is love and compassion.

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Greetings and blessings my friends of steemit today I want to give a study on the widow of nain.


Nain This locality continues to exist under the name of Neim; It is located in the non-western corner of the Ed-Duhy River, a hill also called Little Hermon, 3 km west-southwest of Endor, and 8 km south-southeast of Nazareth. Neim is now a village with some mines, and with some caves that had served as tombs in the past .


Jesus went with many of his disciples and a crowd to Nain. As he approached the city gate he saw a procession carrying a dead man to be buried. Definitely. it was not a coincidence that both groups met.

A funeral always represents a tragedy, but this loss was very particular. The deceased was an only child and the mother herself was a widow. The death of the young man meant an uncertain and miserable future for the woman.

In the historical and cultural context of the time, it was very difficult for a woman to live alone. In a family the main source of maintenance was the husband. When the father died, the children could take over the home. There was also the option of the levirate: the closest brother or relative of the dead husband could marry the widow, not only to secure the offspring of the deceased, but to protect and sustain her (Genesis 38, Ruth 1). But a widowed woman, without children and without a relative who redeemed her, had no more
remedy to live on the charity of others.

It is in the midst of pain and suffering that we can know Jesus and experience his power through a miracle. It is true that we would all like to never go through any tragedy, but if this happens, we should see it as an opportunity for the Lord to manifest his power in our life. It was the misfortune that led this widow to cross her path with Jesus Christ. Suffering is a means to approach the God of mercy and love, who wants to heal our wounds and calm our pain. Nobody loves us more than him. We lose nothing with testing their power, and if we can win a lot.



Lucas begins the presentation of the miracle, with the eyes of the mother. It is a special look that is addressed to the mother and not to the deceased. It is she, the one who in her solitude provoked by the irreparable loss and by her condition of widow, the one that moves the entrails of the Lord. The narrator does not hesitate to present the feeling that it provokes in Jesus attaches situation. The action of Jesus will change the destiny of this afflicted woman and will restore her motherhood.

It seems that the narrator removes the reflector from the disciples and the multitudes, and directs it towards that procession that mourns the boy's death. There is only Jesus with his words full of love and compassion and the mother with his touching call. Only they remain on the scene, concentrating all attention on the human pain and goodness of the Lord. And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her ... (7: 13). The law exhorted the people of God to show compassion and generosity to widows and orphans (Exodus 22:22, Deuteronomy M: 28.29, Job 22: 9, Isaiah 1:23).

God is known to be the father of orphans and defender of widows (Psalm 68; 5). Should not
wonder then, that Christ showed a compassionate attitude towards the poor woman.

Highlight the fact that it is Jesus who addresses the woman. It is not mentioned that the mother asked for a miracle. There is no request for help. But the Lord discerns hearts. He knows us by name and knows each one of our needs. Jesus knows that perhaps a sad future awaits the poor lady. For this reason he approaches her, not only to offer comfort, but to solve his problem.

Let's notice the Tenderness with which he speaks:Do not cry. It comforts our hearts to understand that our God shows his kindness according to our needs and consoles us in our afflictions.

He is not a spectator of our pain, but acts in our favor if we ask him; and even without being asked, as in the case of this woman. If only we understood that we do not have to carry our burdens alone. Jesus Christ invites us to put them before him so that we can rest. Like Jesus, the church must manifest its compassionate and generous character towards the needy, especially with orphans and widows (1 Timothy 5: 3). In this the church of the Lord must be distinguished, by its attention to the most unfortunate.



Every true spiritual ministry carries implicitly a vital component that is that of the resurrection. If the spiritual ministry is not accompanied by a proclamation and an experience of resurrection, it will have little value. If there is no message of victory over death, doctrine will be useless, no matter how well it is decorated. If the dead do not rise, neither did Christ rise again, faith is vain, you are still in your sins (I Corinthians 15: 16-17), and if in this life we ​​only hope in Christ, we are the most worthy of all men's commiseration (I Corinthians 15:19). And approaching, touched the coffin (7: M). Coffins like those we know now were not used in Palestine. The coffins were a kind of open stretcher in which the corpse was wrapped in shrouds. When Jesus approached, the people carrying the dead stopped. Then the Lord looked at the boy and spoke to him as if he were alive: young man, I tell you, get up. The Scripture says that this is exactly what the Lord does; speak to the dead as if they were alive. God gives life to the dead, and call the things that are not, as if they were (Romans 1: 17).

With his single word, Jesus gives life back to the dead body of the young man. At the voice of Christ the boy got up and began to speak. The phrase, and he gave it to his mother , returns to focus on the compassionate and loving attitude with which the Lord treated the woman from the beginning. The crowd was impacted by the miracle. Fear seized everyone, then they began to glorify God . This is how all true divine work must end. The re fl ectors are for the Almighty.

The wonders that the Lord does through his children have this characteristic: all credit is for him. Some believed that Jesus was a great prophet. Others armed: God has visited his people (7: 16). The phrase is similar to those in Luke 1:68 and 78. In the Old Testament this expression refers to divine intervention on behalf of his people (Ruth 1: 6), while the author of the gospel relates it to the fulfillment of messianic hope.

Unfortunately, despite the miracles the Lord did. Few Israelites understood the day of their visitation (Luke 19: M).
And his fame spread . The term "fame" is the translation of the Greek word logos, which would be translated as "word". "report". The astonishment gave way to the divulgacion. Although it happened in the region of Galile, the miracle of resurrection that the Lord made in the son of the widow, began to circulate throughout the province of Judea and its surroundings.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for all ages, and can work miracles and wonders by means of his church The signs that he makes always point to the salvation of souls. The in is that the light of Christ shines on the lost so that they may be saved. Let us not waste our time complaining about the evil that reigns in the world; On the contrary, let us light the hearts of the Lord, and we will fight against the corruption that surrounds us. Remember that as a church we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth.



It was not chance but divine design that the woman met the Lord at the entrance of Nain. Jesus came to her, comforted her and then worked the miracle on her boy. Today's story not only bears witness to the power of Christ who is able to give life to the dead. It also highlights the compassionate character of Jesus towards the most needy. His kindness impelled him to help the helpless. He offers his love and extends his mercy to all. Let us proclaim the living Christ who can raise the dead. Let us testify to his power and lordship. Let us announce to all that the Lord has visited his people to bless and give life. With our actions, let us witness the love and compassion of the Savior.


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Great dear friend, blessings, Jesus is love. and since I met him my life has changed.

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God bless you very good your post

God bless you, friend jesus is wonder...

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