Enjoy the present.

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Greetings friends of steemit God bless you.

So, do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will bring your eagerness. Every day your own evil is enough. (Mat.6: 34) R.V 1960.


Brothers and friends of steemit currently, everyone lives too distracted. It seems as if no one knew how to enjoy the moment or the current stage of their lives. This obsession to live two times, the present and the future, can produce stress. I am doing my best to be an exception to this way of life. I take care to be in the present with the people who are present at that moment. If you are like me, oriented to fixed goals, you will have to make an effort to learn to exercise certain mental discipline to be present with people in a given environment.

One of the strategies that helps me is to isolate a block of time where I can be without thinking about what I have to do next. I prefer to wait with someone until I can dedicate more than a few minutes, so that the person in Do not be frustrated by my divided attention and my tight schedule. (Do not use this as an excuse, but rather as a priority when planning your agenda). When I visit my mother, I dedicate at least a couple of hours to each visit. I go out with her to walk quietly, something that serves both to stop me and to help her to exercise.


Enjoying the moment requires you to focus on the person or persons you are with and what they mean to you.
It is good to ask open questions, to which you have to answer with something more than a simple yes or no. Listen carefully and ask follow-up questions.

I recently took my children for a walk and I enjoyed watching them run and discover things that I already had very much in sight. I put my inner self on alert. King Solomon warned that it is God's gift that every man eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor (Eccl 3:13).


Learning to enjoy the current stage of your life is an even greater challenge, especially when it comes to financial matters. You can be so obsessed with preparing for the future, that the day goes by without you having lived it. So, instead of thinking, retire and enjoy the people you love most.

Enjoy the present that everything has its time.



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