And suddenly a voice came from heavens saying. "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased (Matthew 3: 17)


One dangerous disease that haunts most people on earth especially politicians, young people, women, workers, and men in general is a disease called 'people's approval'. And this disease doesn't go easy with pastors and Christians alike. They all aspire for the approval of men. And they all end up becoming men pleasers, with dangerous outcomes.
But Jesus of Nazareth shows us whose approval, whose attestation and whose affirmation we should aspire for and strive to obtain as Christians, as pastors and as human beings. It's so awesome that before this Man of Galilee had begun His public ministry as a Rabbi (Teacher) and a Prophet, He received that Divine approval, that heavenly attestation that He is the dear Son of God, who brings great delight to the heart of God, who does the pleasure of God, who strives to please God. Oh what a man that Jesus was. And in the middle of His ministry, the same testimony from heavens was given concerning Him, and this time with a statement, "Hear ye Him or Give ears to His words" (modern translation) (Matth 17: 5). Can God commend you and I this way? That you, that I, are His beloved children, that we strive for His will, that we bring much pleasure to His heart, that you and I please Him always?
Apostle Paul made it his aim and aspiration to court that heavenly approval.


He wrote to the Galatia Church, "Am I now trying to gain the approval of people or of God? Am I striving to please people? For if I were still trying to please people, I would not be a faithful servant of Christ (Gal 1: 10). And truly his approval came from God in an unusual and dangerous situation. On a sinking ship like Titanic caught in a hurricane on Mediterranean sea, with two hundred and seventy people on board plus heavy cargo. God heard Paul's prayer and sent His angel to uphold Paul with an astonishing message of divine approval. That no life would be lost because God has granted Paul's prayer for all those sailing in that ship with him. And Paul told the Army commander that God whom he served and whose he is sent His angel to him with those words (Acts 27: 22 -25)
Can I ask you a question? What is your aspiration this year as a Christian? Is it for God's approval or people's approval? Is it admiration by men or attestation by God? My admonition is, seek that of God. I can assure you that people are fickle, they change so easily like German weather! So aspire for divine approval. And at the appointed time you would be glad you did.
So as you go through the year and live life, seek the approval of God. Let God testifies of you that you are His dear child, and that you bring much delight, great pleasure to His heart. And may He cause people to hear you and be saved by you in Jesus name. Amen
Shalom, life and grace to you
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I asked a person where heaven is and she pointed upward. I didn’t want to be rude to ask where; on our planetary systems, solar systems, galexy, universe, multi-verse or u don’t even know.

Jesus Christ cannot be compared to any other being on this earth as far as righteousness is concerned, and He deserves all praise! Thank you for sharing this great message with us.