The life that God gave you is very VALUABLE TAKE CARE OF IT

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Dear brothers and friends, God our heavenly father be pouring out love and mercy on each one of us, today I am going to briefly share this personal reflection that will be a blessing to your lives.
Yesterday I was very broken in health, from the early hours of the morning I felt strange in my stomach, without knowing it I would have to go more than 15 times to the bathroom due to a severe intestinal affection, I'm still not very sure what or who may have me caused this evil on me, the truth is that my health was compromised, revealing once again the following reality.

We are not gods, we are beings created by God and without his help, without health we simply decline.

That said, I can't help but think that each individual has God's mercy just by having life, although nevertheless we know that our state on earth is temporary as the Bible says.

Psalms 144: 4
Parallel Verses
The Bible of the Americas
Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.
This great truth makes us constantly reflect on the fact that life is a gift from God, just as salvation is, which in short leads us to always thank our creator for his wonders, let us also remember that we must praise the Lord In health and disease.

Let us never forget that our Lord supports us and he is with us every day until the end, I send a warm fraternal hug to everyone in this community, God bless you always.

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