Erect our redemption is near

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Erect our redemption is near

Fraternal greetings my friends, greetings to all in the name of Jesus Christ our lord redeemer who gave his life for us hallelujah glory to his name.

Although it is true that humanity is in chaos due to this terrible pandemic, we cannot hide that our Lord Jesus Christ warned us that before he returned to earth a second time, certain events were going to occur that would mark this fact as a supernatural historical event. .

However, the Bible calls us to be still and know that he is the Lord, He commands us not to be afraid in the midst of the affliction that we should not have because he has overcome the world, also says the word of God that the Lord does not It has given us a spirit of cowardice but of love, power and self-control, so there are many reasons not to be in fear but in stillness.

All this that I have just mentioned in theory is usually very easy but obviously it is in great demand at the time of the test, which is the moment where Christians test our faith, where we see that we are made, we see what reflects what is stored in our hearts, no one can deny this.

Now, the Lord encourages us with a powerful word that reminds us that we are temporarily passing through this world is demonstrated in the following quote:

Luke 21:28
Parallel Verses
New American Standard

When these things begin to happen, stand up and raise your head, because your redemption is coming.

Romans 8:18 Reina-Valera
For I am certain that the afflictions of the present time are not comparable with the coming glory that is to be manifested in us.


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