Special African Praise from LFC ft IK Silva

in steemchurch •  6 months ago

Special African praise from LFC ft @iksilva ,@tikhib ,@Isaacfem from SC-M to STEEMCHURCH

How glorious it is to offer praises to our creator , The Almighty God
For it is written let everything that has breath praise Him
Sit back and enjoy Nigerian high life praise and be blessed


Lyrics .

Song 1

Living God ,might God ,Jesus Christ is the might God ×2

Song 2

Excellent Jehovah, marvelous Jehovah,
There is no one greater than Jehovah lord divine ×2

Song 3

I can see everything
Turning around, turning around, turning for my good

Song 4

Agbunure God
Jehovah overdo
The All sufficient God
Agbunure ooo


Living faith church uwasota praise team
Piano 1-@iksilva
Piano 2-Desmondkeys
Bass guitar -@Isaacfem

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This great and a marvelous one indeed.
Praising God is very paramount and he is > always happy to see us praise him with all our heart.

Beautiful brothers, an applause for you, God should be very happy enjoying these beautiful melodies for Him. How much talent do we have in steemchurch, God bless you

God bless you greatly I have been beautifully perfect, thank you for sharing

Excellent control of these instruments by you all, the key to beautiful musical renditions is knowing the onus of what you're playing, and you all have total mastery, beautiful song too, amazing scenery I love this

Wow, wonderful presentation i must commend. It was so soul touching. This is what #steemchurch is made off, like bringing out people potential to glorify the lord.

Nice songs and a good melodious voice @iksilva. God bless you.

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.
Big big God
Mighty God
Jesus Christ is the mighty God.

This is a great time in the presence of God.
Keep praising God with your gifts.