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Hello fellow steemians! It has been great working under the leadership of the great and mighty knight @sirknight.

What I do here is spread the gospel of Christ fortunately things have been falling for me in pleasant places.

In line with the building project, I am here to submit a template. I hope my idea is considered, I'm not big on html and css but I've take out my time to write the code and design the template. I would also provide a link for the source code to be downloaded.

Thank you @sirknight and every apostel of the steemchurch for giving me these great opportunity, and i hope when the webiste is completed i would be given the privilege to create an Android application for it.

Mobile view

Download source

I would love to also show the desktop view but i lost my laptop to thieves, I'm really sorry about that.
Thaank you for your support

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Well done @ihamquentin, this will indeed be helpful, i would try to pass this across to the webmaster.
Upvoted and resteem

I thought will only be a website? Will it have features too that will allow the parishioners also login? I mean like login and post as well?
I don't really know however this is the first time I'm seeing this really.

This is some impressive work that you've done. I do hope you can complete your desktop view soon


The desktop view is complete, i just wasn't able to get a picture of the desktop view

Wow, what a wonderful design. Love the colour. I hope i we see more from your design