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And you shall keep in perfect peace, he that his mind is STAYED ON YOU.
Isaiah 26:3

One major thing we may find uneasy to do, is staying put in his presence. Life has enough challenges to lure you out of fellowship with, and consciousness of the Father.
You can remember a point in your life, where you sought God desperately. A time you worked divinely and obviously led by his Spirit. You may probably be in that shoe now; coming into the reality of his presence and walking with him, so much that you'd rather have no other.

And then you wish you could keep that experience, at least for every moment. Like that song says
in your presence; that's where I always want to be

He is the center.

There is the temptation to think that walking with Jesus, or living the life of faith, is about how much you know, how well you pray or how holy you live. Sometimes, if not most times, we shift focus from the source to the output. We judge our walk by how popular we are. How long we can pray. How much scripture we can quote.
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These are truly signs or proofs of our walk, but we may miss it, if we focus on them and not our Source. No matter how good your output may look, you cannot measure your life or firm your faith on them. Jesus must be the center, always.

For a person, maybe you, whose doesn't seem to have the proofs of walking with God, it's tempting to conclude yourself a failure. It's very likely to condemn you and feel unmatched. But that will only keep you abase. You don't have an output or proofs in your walk of faith because you most likely aren't centered on the Source of your faith.

So it will do you a great deal, to shift your focus from how well you are doing or not doing, to pressing into God and centering Jesus as your idol, goal and all.

You must also realize that walking with him or living in, and keeping his presence, will only be possible if you will center him in your heart and life. Don't begin this walk because you want to prove a point. Don't seek his presence because you want to feel good or cover up your inadequacies. Don't fake it. If he is not the center of your chase and walk, then you can't last long.

Let your mind be stayed on Him.

To be continued...

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Yeah no matter we should stay in his presemce and continue to fellowship. Nice one , my friend @ihamquentin....

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