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I grew up debilitated as a youthful Christian since I was not seeing dreams of Angels, Jesus or spiritual things as some other people who were around me. I thought something wasn't right with my confidence. I frequently presumed the reason my confidence was not solid was that I had not seen dreams of spiritual things. I thought if God would give me a "little push" with "spiritual experiences," my confidence will be more grounded. I was so off-base! However, I was not the only one. Numerous different valuable Children of God are sitting tight for God to "enable them" to make spiritual things "all the more genuine to them by accomplishing something".

All things considered, the Lord addressed me multi day while I was imploring in my room in Chicago. He stated, "it is better for that I uncover Jesus to you in My Word as opposed to you seeing Him physically." My reality changed. I presently think once again into those years with my confidence set up while never observing a physical vision of angels or Jesus. Despite everything I would love to have one, but I am not longer thinking they are required to build up my confidence!

These dreams are basic but don't sit tight for God to accomplish something to appeal to our your faculties keeping in mind the end goal to trust God. Confidence stops by the Word. Your confidence will be worked by the Word, not by spiritual encounters. These encounters may be utilized as confidence helps but are not the building squares of confidence.

The Spirit needs to bring you into seeing dreams of Jesus in His Word.

How does God give you a cozy, personal, exact and experiential information of Himself? ( Eph. 1:17-18).

It is safe to say that you are holding up to encounter God in your physical faculties previously you accept? Would you like to see a dream of angels before you trust they are around you? Would you like to see Jesus in a dream before you consider His Word important? Quit pausing! His Word is sufficient! It will make spiritual things genuine to you!

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Good to hear from you hrent, Thanks for sharing with Us!


Faith comes by the Word. Your faith will be built by the Word, not by spiritual experiences. These experiences might be used as faith-aids but are not the building blocks of faith.