God still contacts us today

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We long to be contacted by God each and every day. It is certain that our lives will never continue as before after He contacts us. But what is the dash of God?

We will utilize the instance of Jeremiah above to delineate what the dash of God means.Jeremiah, in a prophetic vision, said God "set forth His hand, and contacted my mouth." He had a profound ordeal, a touch in the soul. God did not contact him physically with a physical hand. It was an otherworldly ordeal.

There are three fundamental parts of a touch represented by Jeremiah's understanding. Consider someone extending forward their hands to contact you. To start with, they connect their hands. This is God connecting or coming to you profoundly. Furthermore, the hand reaches you. Otherworldly contact is a reality. At the point when God contacts you, He reaches you profoundly. Thirdly, there is impact. God connects, gets in touch with you profoundly and causes an impact over your soul that ends up unmistakable in your soul and body. After Jeremiah's mouth was contacted, He could hear and see God's Word and talk it forward prophetically. His mouth had been contacted.

God still contacts us today. Truth be told, the conceived again involvement with salvation is a momentous bit of the Spirit of God! God has officially contacted you in Christ. Despite everything he needs to contact your body, feelings, accounts, families, and so forth.

Jesus is God manifested in the tissue, as an individual. Would you be able to associate what Jeremiah experienced in the soul with what this man experienced with the physical Jesus in Matt. 8:3?

Today, you don't need to sit and sit tight for the moving of the pool of Bethesda. If God does not contact you, contact Him to incite a perfect touch!! This is the thing that the lady with the issue of blood did. Jesus did not contact her but rather she contacted Him through her confidence in real life.

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Good to hear from you hrent, Thanks for sharing with Us!


yea do some lsd i talked 2 being from another dimension

God is a merciful God....His waiting always for us to come back to Him. We should learn from the woman with the issues of blood. She tired with her condition and break all protocols.
Thanks @hrent for sharing

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