Freedom in His Presence

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The Spirit of the Lord is God's Presence. God and subjugation don't abide together. Wherever God is available, opportunity from all types of mistreatment must be experienced. We discover finish and aggregate freedom in God's quality.

In the scripture above, Paul the Apostle was tending to opportunity from the subjugation of the law. However, this flexibility stretches out to each part of our lives. Sin and Satan are bosses of the oppression and enduring of mankind.

Each and every part of human enduring and melancholy in life can be followed back to sin, and to the master of death who is the fallen angel (Heb. 2:14.) The Spirit of the Lord in the devotee brings add up to and finish flexibility from each subjugation coming about because of wrongdoing and otherworldly persecution.

Servitude makes us be brought under the control of something that causes torment and anguish, but does not permit us the opportunity to quit. We might need to quit, but it overwhelms us and we are absolutely powerless under its severe hands.

Each one of us will instantly need to quit terminal tumor. But do we have the power in ourselves to do as such? Have you at any point met someone who is truly subjugated and annoyed by dependence on a substance? That person is in desolation and needs to quit, yet they get themselves totally vulnerable.

This is on the grounds that flexibility expects capacity to set you free from your oppressor. The Holy Spirit has accompanied the ability to set you free from all types of abuse in your life.

For what reason is there opportunity wherever the Spirit of God is? See Acts 1:8.

From the talk about servitude above, do you see yourself in subjugation in any part of your life? The Spirit is your ticket to finish opportunity. Set your confidence to work!

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Good to hear from you hrent, Thanks for sharing with Us!


Freedom fighters for children of steemchurch, we are warriors and very soon we will emerge victorious