Effect of bitterness

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The root that causes bitterness can without much of a stretch be understood if you envision a root supporting a tree that creates an intense or noxious natural product. The foundation of bitterness is any wellspring of distress, torment, or hatred in your heart.

The Apostle Paul was specifically citing Moses: "Beware keeping in mind that there be among you a man or lady or group or clan whose heart is dismissing today from the LORD our God to go and serve the gods of those countries. Beware keeping in mind that there be among you a root bearing noxious and intense natural product" (Deut. 29:18 ESV). Moses initially utilized the expression "foundation of bitterness" to allude to any person who abandoned God to venerate symbols, making the whole country of Israel endure the outcomes.

How does this apply to you? Are there any roots delivering bitterness in your life? Indeed, it could be a person. It might be likewise be a propensity, a relationship, or a past ordeal. You will remember it as a wellspring of unending distress and hatred in your heart. Enable God's hatchet to remove that root from your heart today, before its intense organic product harms as long as you can remember!

Think for a minute on the ramifications of the way that the base of a plant is normally shrouded underground, imperceptible to the outside world!
If there is an unpleasant root in your life, respect God's Word by declining to enable that root to remain one more day. Enable God to expel the root at this moment, regardless of whether by acknowledgment, absolution, giving up, or doing what you know must be finished.

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Good to hear from you hrent, Thanks for sharing with Us!


sometimes the sad experiences of the past in our lives leaves spaces for bitterness to live in our heart, and one thing is, if our heart is bitter, we will not be cleansed to worship God.

You will recognize it as a source of perpetual sorrow and resentment in your heart. Allow God’s ax to cut off that root from your heart today, before its bitter fruit poisons your entire life!

Yes allowing God to uproot all seeds of bitterness in you will give you an everlasting happiness and Joy. Thanks for sharing

Bitterness drains you more faster than any thing....the worst of it all is that the person you are angry with or envied are not even aware