Do not envy the wicked even if they seem to prosper

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Try not to envy the wicked in their prosperity or obvious prosperity. There is undiscovered greatness under the surface the eye. The wicked are the individuals who don't know God, who live after their own particular manners. Eventually in time, a significant number of us faced the temptation where we thought the individuals who don't know God are in an ideal situation.

Asaph, the Psalmist, confronted a comparative pressure, and he nearly wandered off. He said "For I was jealous of the egotistical, As I saw the prosperity of the wicked. For there are no agonies in their demise; And their body is fat. ..(Ps. 73:3-4 NAS)

The Lord has said that it is well with the godly, and there is no peace to the ungodly. We should not enable our hearts to be diverted by the appearing to be short lived prosperity of the individuals who don't know God, or who presumptuously detest Him. Asaph additionally thought about this, and he was enticed to feel that every one of the years he had spent serving God was futile, on the grounds that the individuals who loathed Him appeared to improve the situation.

He said once more "Clearly futile I have kept my heart unadulterated, And washed my hands in guiltlessness" (Ps. 73:13 NAS). Have you at any point thought this way? That you have spent your young years serving God, or squandered your opportunity in Bible investigation, supplicating, fasting, or carrying on with a life of honesty? Asaph at last found the solution to his situation, and said "Until the point that I came into the asylum of God; Then I saw their end" (Ps. 73:17 NAS).

It will not end well with the individuals who don't know God. Truth be told, it isn't well with them now. The news is loaded with stories that disclose to us that riches, acclaim, or achievement don't bring the fulfillment that we are searching for. God has said it is well with the equitable, and there is no peace to the wicked. It will not end well with the individuals who detest God, regardless of whether they appear to have made it in this life. Be sure about this, that it is well with the honorable. God won't bamboozle you.

Consider upon the words above. Have you had your own offer of those thoughts? Or then again would you say you are as yet having such thoughts waiting in your brain?

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Good to hear from you hrent, Thanks for sharing with Us!


God doesn't accept us believers to envy unbelievers

Refuse to entertain any thought that tells you it is better to be in the world than in Christ. Rebuke and reject it. It is a lie from hell that says you have to bow down to Satan and his ungodly ways for you to make it.

We all sometimes found ourselves envying our neighbour due to things are moving fine for them despite that they don't know God...and you that fear God thing are not all that fine....Don't try to run ahead of God...things must surely work out for your good