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2 Kings. 8:7-15 presents a very delicate matter which unfortunately most people don't see its severity.

One thing I have found out in this life and during my time in leadership is that in most cases, stories you hear has been adulterated by the time it leaves the original source to probably the 10th hearer. If Sister Arya says something in Ibadan, Nigeria, by the time the reported speech passes the southwest coast all the way to Sister Tonto at Aba, there may be one or more additions or subtractions, hence twisting or misinforming people.

In that scripture quoted earlier, let me identify simple points from it..


  1. A King, Ben-ha’dad was terribly sick
  2. Hazael was his captain of his army and also his right hand man.
  3. The King sent his right hand man to a prophet named Elisha to enquire of his health, if he will recover or die.

Please pay attention to what transpired..

  1. God told Elisha the king will recover.
  2. God still said that the king will die.
  3. God also told Elisha that Hazael the right hand man will become King, but didn't say how.
  4. Hazael the King’s right hand man killed the King to usurp the throne.
  5. So the King’s death won't have been because of the sickness, he would have recovered, but it was engineered by a man very close to him hungry for power.

What can we learn?

  1. The King would certainly have lived if he heard what God said directly, he would have taken action and take out Hazael out of play. One cardinal thing the devil does is to separate you from communication and intimate relationship with God. IF THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN HEAR GOD IS WHAT PROPHET, PASTOR etc SAYS, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE. Do you have a relationship with God? Do you hear God for yourself? Or are you a prophet open my case file person?

  2. Hazael was the king’s trusted man, he was also the source of his untimely death. The persons you have been calling friends most times have been the source of your calamity, destruction, delay, confusion, failures etc..

There are companies/friends you keep and things that should take you 10 months to achieve will take 10 days, while with some companies, you may never get it. Intentionally screen and scrutinize your relationships, this may save your life and destiny.

3 God said Hazael will become King, he didn't ask for the pattern, he ran ahead of God to do it his way. Most of us have become smarter than God, we go ahead and device treacherous schemings to get that job, marry that man/woman, get that money, get that promotion, get that power, get that baby etc. With God, the end doesn't justify the means. WAIT FOR(and on) GOD.

Never trade your personal relationship with God for anything, what God says trumps what man or situation says. No time for guess work. Importantly, wait for God and do it God’s way, IT MUST END IN OWANBE, IT MUST END IN CONGRATULATIONS.


I know you reading this will say, Chai, i am going to change, I will develop a relationship with God, but you didn't even open that scripture I quoted to be sure of the story I talked about. Begin your relationship with been acquainted with what the Bible says. You are not qualified for the spoken word if you have issues with the written word.


May God help us.
Good Morning.
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