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I once saw a drunk man walk up to someone he won't ordinarily walk up to and kept talking rashly too and people were worried for him. No one in their “right senses” would do that, so he had to take up enough quantity of alcohol to deal with how he sees things, this made him bolder sort of and affected his speech too.

Let me explain the sequence from intake of alcohol to reflection in attitude and even speech.

A man goes to a bar, asks for one bottle, he takes it speedily, asks for another, he gulps it while discussing, he adds the 3rd and 4th, gradually its taking it’s toll on him, his vision is gradually changing, how he sees things is gradually changing, he requests for the 5th, 6th and 7th bottle, by this time he’s telling stories of how him and hitler were classmates, he gets up, staggering, goes to bathroom and takes a leak, comes back, and continues, he asks for the 8th and 9th bottle, by this time, his steps has completely changed, he sees differently, he sees a trailer coming, he calls it a train, to perfect it all before he hits the road, he takes the 10th bottle, by now, everything about him has changed - His sight, his speech, his walk steps, his actions and all. He goes home, sees his father and calls him “my boy, how are you”, he goes to the bathroom and lies down to sleep. This continues until the alcohol wears away.

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Peter saw Jesus walking on the sea, not stream, not river, on the sea, in the night, charged up with what Jesus told them “as My Father sent me, so send I you”, he stepped into the water, he had lost his senses, he’s no more aware of whatever that was happening around him, eyes fixed on Jesus, he disregarded his feelings and he kept walking, then the word he heard began to fade from his mind, his eyes was off Jesus, he now became aware of his environment, then he noticed there was a storm, he now remembered that he was human and due to his knowledge from physics, gravity should have effect, and there Peter began to sink.

Our faith walk cannot be in sync with our senses, if you keep feeding your eyes and mind with the news on tv and the media outlets, it’ll fill your heart with fear and unbelief, that is why we need to shield our minds by constantly taking in the word.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God, Rom. 10:17, invariably doubts comes by hearing and hearing anything outside the word of God.

Some persons are scared after graduating because they told you there is no job anywhere, the last POP ushered in youths from national service who most are filled with fear because of what we see on social media about how alawee ends and you’ll see the real world out there.

Whose report would you believe? Start taking in the word daily, keep believing it, keep meditating on it until it begins to change your mindset, reset your speech, then changes your actions. The word of God numbs your senses to prevailing circumstances. That is why a man may feel sick, but his belief in God’s word tells him he’s healed and speaks it until it takes effect.

You can’t see a drunk man and not recognise him, same way you can’t see a man drunk with God’s word which gives rise to rugged faith and not notice.


Build your faith, with it, WE WIN ALWAYS

God bless your week and give you excess owambe.
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