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So many years ago, during my undergraduate days, there was a slang that was trending in school, especially when we play football, if you were dribbled in a very drastic way and you are slipping, the next thing you hear is "hold something", if you schooled at MOUAU between 2007-2009, you should remember that. Gradually it faded away, then you hear "unless you no wan eat", "unless you no wan read", everything you say literally attracted the "unless you no wan" response. Now it doesn't actually make sense, but it kept trending then until you don't know when you join the trend. Anytime you hear someone use the word "hyper" with respect to reading, you know this person studied at MOUAU.

So the relationships we keep, the company we keep has a positive or negative impact on our lives whether we know it or not. There are influences over our lives as a product of constant contact/relationship with positive or negative impact. You keep staying with someone who loves praying, over time, it begins to rub off on you and vice versa.

These influences are real, don't take it lightly, Saul wasn't a prophet, came in the company of prophets and started prophesying. I slept on a bed some time ago that wasn't mine, and I had a sexually related dream that hasn't happened for years, which sort of depicts the kind of person who has the bed. In fact, some days ago, a friend complained of having sexual dreams after laying on a bed that wasn't his, something that doesn't happen.

Have you wondered how things start turning for the worse after partnering with someone or even enter a relationship with a guy or lady and even vice versa. When people hear this, they tell it is not real, it is not true, anyway we play too much in this generation.

Let me paint a Bible story for you…

Balaam in the Bible was called a seer, which literally means in a funny way, "someone that sees", that sees beyond the physical/natural though. This gift became a source of livelihood, so people contact him to "see" for them. He had a means of transportation, a donkey who has been with him for a very long time.

One day Balaam was hired to do a job and on his way, the donkey started to act funny, the donkey who has spent a while with Balaam the seer "saw" an angel and consequently the donkey "spoke". Whenever Balaam "sees", he "speaks" i.e prophesy. So the "seeing cum talking" capacity even rubbed off on an animal. - Don't play with influences arising from company or the relationships we keep.

If Iron sharpens iron, wood will blunt iron. Pro. 27:17. Ps. 1:1 buttresses my point by saying "Blessed is he who doesn't stay in the wrong company" (Paraphrased). So if you are not blessed over a period of time, guess you should check your company.

Catch this:

Every moment you spend in the right or bad company is attracting you to right or bad things too which has consequences. No one can remain neutral to influences, every association is either meaningful or harmful, no middle ground.

For you reading this, who is saying, "so we should stay away from the wrong people, then how do we make them better, how do we change the world, I carry fire in me that can burn the world?"

My response:
You think this is child's play? You have not heard of fire 🔥 extinguishers shebi? Have you wondered why Jesus spent more time with God than with people? Have you wondered why most men of God are so busy spending time with God than with you?

Anyway, let me give this solution to your question.. A friend and brother, made this response some years ago and it got to my heart and I think it should help you.

"You fellowship with people on your level or better than you, then you minister to people below you. Don't mix it up"

I pray that the discipline to break off from wrong company be cultured in you today, I pray that the right people, destiny helpers and much more, let them be sent by God into your life in Jesus name, amen.

Be intentional with your company and relationships today, PEACE ✌️.

Good Morning.

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