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If you are truly sincere with your self most of the time, you would not find yourself complaining or blaming someone for your outcomes in life.

It is always natural to look for the cause or fault outside than looking within. To exonerate oneself from the negative outcomes we tend to mostly look inwards for the positives, praises and fulfillments that fills the heart for a good ending.

Being truthful is not a denial of our personality and that of the external. It is a holistic view of what brings about our outcomes in life and how best to tackle situations.

It never can be the same journey for everyone. The path that life takes you through is up to you where you finish off. It's starting point does not really counts if you have an ending you so desire. The persistent, the ones who are always ready and the ones who keep the faith no matter how long it takes or the number of times they fall will make history and become reference points to many. If your dream, vision or roadmap is clear enough you would get the desired outcomes in due time. Because the day/time you wake up is your morning of life. Only never be the quitting type. They are never rembered for anything good. They never get a praise reward no matter how hard they might have tried in the past. There are exceptional cases of favour out a of divine influence but how many can you count. Most of the best and wealthiest businessmen, sportsmen, actors and all have worked hard enough to be where they are.

It brings to mind when the Bible says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old will not depart from it. Children who are taught to make wealth always surpass that of the former. But the one who only knows how to spend the wealth will leave nothing for his generation.

The place of proper schooling for the future is always to a great advantage. The student might not like it at the time but is schooled anyway, because there is a plan, a roadmap for the future.

I have inherited the love for farming from my Dad. I intend to leave a passion and a roadmap for my geration in farming to follow. These can be chanhed over time but they will serve as their foundation.

Positive outcomes are well planned and calculated. Even when there are shortcomings it still will be established.

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