The Kingdom Lifestyle Dan 4:1-9

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The word Kingdom is a compound word made up of "king" and "Domain which means a king's Domain. When we talk about the kingdom of God, we simply mean God's authority. The term "kingdom of God" is not primarily about heaven, but God's dominion over all the works of his hands, that is the king ruling in our heart and over our affairs.

A kingdom is radically different from democracy. According to Abraham Lincon, Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people. Therefore we can deduce that the kingdom of God is the government of the king, by the king and for the king. Thus, a kingdom is not about the people but is all about the king .

In Yoruba land, there is a popular saying that "the king owns the land". When we understand the fact that we are dealing with the king, then we will realize that there is nothing more important than to safeguard the interest of the king.

We have graciously been bought into the kingdom where the king of kings and the owner of all reigns eternally. The Bible makes it clear that the earth and the fullness thereof belong to the Lord. We have sustenance from him hence we are to serve him with all our hearts.

Therefore in our duty post, secular or religious, our mandate is to ensure that the king will not suffer loss.

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Truly, God is the focus of the Kingdom. We all have to submit to Him in all was possible. Great share sister @Giftakpan