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Hi every one, how are you all doing, hope every thing is fine. On the first edition of Decision making i wrote, this is the second part of it...,....

Before we move to the main topic, let me remind you of the last discussion. In the last decision, we talk about the ways we make decision in life. Our decision make us who we are today.
Before i continue the part two, we all need to know what decision a word mean.
What is decision?
Decision is a matter of choice we as a human takes to either select a thng and alao acting towards a particular thing. Decision is a matter of chioce.

We all have made decision about something in life. We cant live or do whout decision.
I will be given a good example of decision making using the family precisely.
When a man and a woman come together ton become one? Is all about thier choice. They know the implication on it. They are decided to stay with each other for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do them part.

At that time the man who will become the groom might have taken his choice that he want to be with the girl for ever and also the girl might have also do thesame thinking.
As for the lady, she have decided to live her father and mother, and also stop bearing her father name in exchange of the new name.
She will live her family to a new family. This, she decide on her own to stay with the man all her life.
As for the man he has taken a decision on provided for they up keep of his home. The had made a decision to work hard in other to take care of his home.
Also the woman has made a decision to make sure she take care of the home by cooking and be submissive to her husmand. She has made a choice to adore and honour her husmand.

The both of them has made a chioce to love themselves no matter what life displayed on them.
As for the kids they have also plan and taken decision based on the no of children they we produce.
So you can see!!!! Life is all about your choice. What kind of decision have we made or we are trying to make? Is it a good one that will lead you to success or the bad one that will lead you to distruction?
Be wise
Be creative
Be sensible
Be careful.
Make Jesus your choice today.
Thanks @steemchurch for given me so much inspiration.
Great thanks to #Sirknight #Steemchurch.
I still remain #femiandrew
Thanks for reading my post.
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