United with Christ

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In God's kingdom things work differently from what our ego teaches us.

Jesus said in Matthew 12: 25 and 30 - "Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and every city the house divided against itself will not stand: He who is not for me against me, and he who gathers with me scatters .


In this kingdom we have the options: we put it together with Christ, we put it together with Christ. On the day to belong to the kingdom without meeting, if you on the board, it scatters you.

The kingdom of God can not be quiet corner without anyone seeing you and not seeing anyone, there is no place for failure, ACCOMMODATION let the collection alone. It has to be together. He has to meet with Christ.

The essence of the form that God has designated for the Kingdom of God to be manifested, in that kingdom it is necessary to be united. If you are not united, you are not in the kingdom, at least in the kingdom of God.

If we get together, we are spreading. There is no secret The disciples of Jesus must be sincere for the connection, not for anything we read the Gospels and the letters of the apostles and the teaching is always found, 'Love one another'. Love is what unites us. We need to support each other, we need to help each other, we need to unite.

Union is the key to victory. Success happens when we are united. This small text, has the purpose of remembering the value of the union, we can not have individualist churches where people only go to worship and leave the service, and so on.

A church is needed in which one can count on the other, for people to come together to do good, to carry the gospel, to love. This message is not an illusion, but it is the prayer of Jesus, it is the primitive church of Acts.


Acts 4:32 "From the multitude of those who believed, was the heart and the soul." No one considered exclusively his or one of the things he possessed, but everything was common to them.

God bless all the Christian communities of Steem.
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To say that we are united to Christ is to affirm that we are grafted into him, or stuck to him and by virtue of that union we participate in him and identify with him in all the work of redemption and in the benefits of it.

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Good message @exemplaryfather, thanks for sharing.