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The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.


Psalm 37:23.

A good person is one who follows God, trusts him and tries to do his will.

God is always and will always be involved in our everyday life if we give him a chance.

Do you invite him in everything you do?
Do you allow him to take charge?
Do you allow him to take control?

Let him in, he waits outside the door
Let him in or else he'll depart to return no more.

God's will is to lead such a person on day-by-day basis.

So he watches over and directs every step that person takes.

You may not feel his presence but the holy spirit whom he had sent us as our comforter guides you every day.

Most times believers do not know this.
They expect God to reveal his complete will for their lives in one big Revelation.

Gloria Copeland tells us that,that is a great mistake.
You Don't have to wait for a star to appear or the voice of God to sound from heaven before you act.

The holy spirit speaks to your spirit and if you are his,you will hear him clearly with your spiritual ears.

A sister had been praying for a husband.
God brought a loving brother her way.
Down deep in her heart she knew he was the man.

But then she noticed she had extra-ordinary large ears.
She came complaining.

Mum it seems the right man has come but his ears are just too large.

Thank God for this brother who had a good sense of humor.

He told her God gave me these ears so that you will recognize me in the midst of all other men.

Today they are happily married with wonderful children to attest to God goodness.

Beloved learn to trust God.
He is smarter than you are and knows it all.

Lord circumcise my ears to hear you clearly.

God bless you!

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I don't think God typically leads people on a day to day basis. Maybe if you're a missionary in a foreign country and you depend on God to bring people to you who are willing to hear the gospel then God does that. Otherwise God leads people when they need to be lead.