Because We Are Human?

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Why try things, why make mistake?
Why stumbled, fall and got hurt?
Why keep falling to rise again?
Why go through all that?
Why not do and make things happened?
Why not stand firm on the ground?
Why not refuse to get hurt?
Why not keep not falling to rise again?
Why not be hundred percent spotless?
Why not be hundred percent perfect
Why all this why?

The why is because we are human and not perfect.

Though we human are made in God own image and likeness.

Though the Bible that contained God word,
Admonishes us to be perfect because God is perfect.

We are still human because human being who we are, we will always be human.

That's why Jesus send us a helper in the person of the Holy Spirit of God.

We are human, we are not perfect.
We try things, experiment things, make countless mistake, we stumble, fall, got hurt and rise.

We keep trying, learning, improvising and improving ourselves because we are human.

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nice writeup, indeed we are human

Thank you brother