Cruelty to Persons with Disability

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Cruelty to Persons with Disability
Tucked away in an otherwise difficult passage to understand, we get a glimpse of God’s heart. Before entering the Promised Land, Moses gave instructions for renewing the covenant with God in the land.


The Israelites were to stand on two mountains and proclaim the blessings and curses from God (this event was later recorded in Joshua 8:30-35). They were given twelve condemnations to declare around then.
One of those proclamations is that anyone who leads a blind person astray will be cursed.

God keeps an eye out for the most powerless among his kin. He has unique fondness for the harrowed, for dowagers and vagrants, and for individuals who are visually impaired and faltering. God clearly says that anyone who is cruel to such people deserves to be cursed.


Our world often lacks understanding for those who live with prolonged suffering or disability. Our patience is short. We would rather such struggles disappear. But God sees all of us who suffer.

He hears our cries and sees our distress. And he promises, in his justice, to curse those who are cruel.
Does knowing that God sees your suffering and serves as your divine defender encourage you? He not only issues a warning to those tempted to do harm, but he also desires that Christians demonstrate his mercy and kindness to people who are blind, disabled, homeless, or alone.

Our culture may dictate that governments adopt more laws and regulations to help those who live with disabilities and other injustices, but only God can change the hearts of those who are cruel. As you experience personal suffering, perhaps God is giving you a special empathy for those who suffer so that you can serve as their defender in God’s name.


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