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Argument of Authority!

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Dear community of the Steem Church, Sages and Mighty in the Scriptures, as it was Apollos See

(Acts 18:24)

A theme has been generated in my heart; the power that we have in our hands, the word of God. I am going to use a very present example in my life;

There is a tool that we use a lot in the academic life that is the "Argument of Authority"


If I want to make a statement about a certain issue, then I will look for an authority (a known grammarian, a philosopher, a doctor etc.) in the area, to support my claim. With that my affirmation has "weight" (power). I can only affirm such a thing, because I have an authority that affirms my argument.

The word of God is our "Argument of Authority" (and our authority is Christ) is it that gives us support to live in faith and boldness, His Word assures us about what we are, about what we can and about what, that we have in Christ Jesus. We can see an example of this in the biblical text that describes when Peter is going to have Jesus on the water.

"When the disciples saw him walking on the water, they were terrified and exclaimed: It is a ghost!" And they shouted with fear, but immediately Jesus said to them, "Be of good courage, I am I. Do not be afraid. He exclaimed: "Lord, if it is you, send me to meet you over the waters." Then Jesus replied, "Come!" And Peter, leaving the ship, walked over the waters and addressed Jesus. 14.26-29)


Peter wanted to go to Jesus in the water, but he needed a strong word (of authority), and Jesus said to him: "Come," what was done, Peter had the necessary support for his argument; Peter only walked on the waters, because Jesus had given a word of authority to him. Sometimes, we stop receiving some things, simply not knowing what God says about it.

Now, imagine if the scenario was different, if Jesus were on the water and Peter simply jumped to get to Jesus, he would probably sink, because he had no agent of authority acting, he simply acted. It is important to know about what the word is for us, for example, according to Isaiah 53: 4

"Truly he took upon himself our diseases, and our pains he took upon himself."

The Word is affirming that Jesus has already borne over himself, our illnesses and pains, that means that our reality is healing and not more sick, based on this argument (authority) we have basis to argue with the circumstance saying: that, I am healed because Christ has already carried over everything and any pain or illness that I might have.

My Mother suffers from cancer for 9 years and she always affirms that she is healed by the wounds of Jesus! How to explain that, when the exams are done, the tumor is positive! However, her faith keeps her alive, even when doctors have predicted short life.

The perfect will of God is for us to have a quiet life; It makes me very sad when I see people say, "Oh, Venezuela will not go forward"; " it's a disaster." Hey, you have a word of authority to do something.

"First of all, I recommend that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made in favor of all people, by kings and all those who exercise authority, so that we may have a peaceful and peaceful life, with all mercy and dignity, this is good and pleasing before God, our Savior. " (Timothy 2.1-3)

This verse, specifically, prompts us to pray for the leadership of our country, grab that word, declare blessings on your nation and on those that God places in your heart, you can save lives, change situations of calamity in regions where your feet they will not touch, but their prayers and statements would reach. The Word of God is the truth, and it is immutable.

You know, if someone asks what is your argument? Say with pride that it is the word of God, and Christ the authority!

Will you join a crusade for Freedom?


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Hello @emiliocabrera, very good reflection, Words have the power to create since they are like seeds. But the mind is especially fertile for the seeds of fear, so you have to be very careful in how you use them and know where they come from. If they come from love, they will generate a better world for everyone, if they come from fear or hatred they will only create destruction.
Author: Dr. Miguel Ruiz


Thanks @arac, good contribution, thanks for passing!

There is no greater argument in the Christian than the word of God, because the word is life gives us delegated authority and in the name of Jesus Christ that word becomes a reality
Good reflection brother @emiliocabrera


Thanks my Sister Ricci, good comment, Blessings

My argument will always be, The Word of God my Guide and Christ my Authority. Philippians 1:21 - "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain" I join the Crusade for Freedom, Count on me. @emiliocabrera


Amen Brother, good contribution, thanks for passing

God bless you, you are very right brother, you have to be positive and pray to God and be the one who has the last word


Amen Amis24vi , thanks you for comment

I feel the authority. Amen