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Pride and haughtiness does not allow us to approach God and recognize him as the great Almighty God. Pride consists essentially in forgetting that man is a creature whose existence and physical, mental or spiritual abilities depend on the creator. Man takes credit for what he is, what he thinks, says or does. Above all, pride is a true challenge to God.

The Scripture (word of God) teaches us that God hates Pride, in addition, every haughty spirit is to the Lord abomination since no one should have a greater thought than he should have in relation to Rom 12: 3. also as followers of Christ we are in the duty to abhor all boasting according to:

All who fear the Lord will hate evil. That's why I hate pride and arrogance.

Proverbs 8:13

Every person whose heart remains in arrogance despises and forgets God, because it is considered very important to look for the omnipotent, since his nature does not resist submitting to the humiliating conditions of the gospel considering it something offensive and disgusting because of the arrogance rooted in his heart over the basis of:

Your heart was enlightened, for this reason you forgot me.

Hosea 13: 6

The bible says that the Most High departs from the proud and resists them by looking at him from afar.

As believers it is very important to know what produces pride in our life:

It makes us rebellious to his word
It produces an exaggerated sense of greatness
Encourage self-exaltation
It makes us believe wise

The Sacred book records the story of a king of Israel named Uzziah who had the privileges and favors of God. He had a long reign reigning from very young, but the arrogance, made him want to supplant the offices appointed to the priests. In his pride he was angry against the priests appointed to offer the incense, and that cost him to be separated from his people because of the leprosy with which God punished him, for his pride, he lived and died leper.

Let us pray in prayer to the Eternal to keep our heart in humble dependence on him full devotion for the love of his son Jesus.

I pray to the Blessed One to help you come to him and attract you after his son.

Grace and peace of God.

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