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Text: Isaiah 11:1-3, Daniel 5:11-12.


Being the best academically, is not necessarily a thing of words but decisions with great determination. Beside, life does not give you what you deserve but what you decide moreover, what you will get at the end of any examination will not depend on the options available, but the choice you make. And until you know what to reject, you cannot possess what you deserve, thus the rejection of failure is the starting point for the possession of excellent, so determine in your heart today what you want.
How to become excellent in academic.

• Attend all lecture.
• Take notes in details.
• Do your assignments immediately.
• Read your note same day.
• Study extensively not selectively.
• Read to know and not to pass.
• Discover yourself.
• Attend tutorials.
• Solve pass question.

How to prepare for an Examination.

• Make sure you have all the necessary writing materials.
• Be at the venue at least 5 minutes before the exams start.
• Make sure you know what is expected of you.

What Fail Students During Examination.

•Failure to read and follow instruction.
•Lack of time management.
•Bad hand writing.
•Not using material from the course.

Aside the above listed points the roots of academic excellent is the fear of the Lord, proverbs 1:7, psalm 111:10. What is this fear of the Lord all about or what does it mean to fear the Lord? The Bible says fear of God is to hate evil.
Proverbs 8:13, jod 28:28.

Example of people that fear God, and God robbed is excellent on them.

• Daniel: Daniel 1:8, 17, 20.
• Joseph- man who through is wisdom, save Egypt in the time of famine. Gen 41:39-41, Genesis 47:14.

We also have great scientist like.

• Bill Gate.
• Isaac Newton.
• Reverend Michael Faraday.
• Thomas Edison.
• Albert Einstein.
In conclusion.

I don't know what such of name people have called you at any point in time or number of time you have tried to rise academically, but it seems as through something is drawing you backward. The good news is this, there is a grace to find help in time of need that is made available in Christ Jesus, if only you can call on him for mercy.

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