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I saw her in the streets
Messed up, torn in bits
She smelled like piss
Like a cat stuck in shitty pit
Everyone passed by
But none stopped by
She was ruined all through
Her life was headed for the rocks
I couldn’t turn a blind eye
So I picked her up
Took her home
Had her cleaned her up
And gave her some clothes
When she had taken a meal
I set her on a bed to rest
By her side, I took a kneel
Waiting all hours during her rest
Finally she woke up
Beholding my smile as I watched
We conversed, we talked
She had a lot to say as she wept
About how she was abused, drugged and dumped
I had empathy on her: cuddled her as a pet
She was grateful
So filled with thanks
Time happened
I had her life set on course
And her beauty was revealed
So I loved her without a cause
For she was radiant to behold
Tender to hold
I couldn’t wait, not a second longer
I made my move, I had her wooed
I told her how I longed to be with her
Not as friends, but as a man with his wife
And yes, she said yes to me
Being happy, ready to spend eternity with me
My joy knew no bounds
Her joy was complete
It was time to get all ready
For our wedding ceremony
“I need to go home to see my father
To let him know, I’ve seen the one I’d call wife”
This she understood
And was willing to wait
For dad is a busy man
A big man with lots of friends
He would need some time
To invite them all as guests
For it would be no ordinary wedding
A feast of class and glamour
Meant only for those with honour
Though dad has several servants and maids
I had to stay behind with him
To run around and put family things in order
To prepare a place for her
And to build a mansion with her name on it
This she also understood
And was willing to wait
I gave her no time frame
But I promised no delay
To come as quickly as I could
And lead her down the aisle
The first day she called
And we talked at length
The second wasn’t much different
Same with the third and fourth
But the next week, her calls took a dip
Fewer calls, shorter talks
Time happened, and she stopped calling
It was surprising, I was worried
I called and called, but she never picked up
I remained calm and optimistic
Perhaps she left her phone at home
And went to work in a haste
Perhaps she was in the kitchen
While her phone buzzed in the room
What of the times it was switched off
It could be she was down on power
And didn’t charge any sooner
So I thought and assumed
I thought of calling off the wedding
But I loved her too much to doubt
Soon days turned into weeks and time took a leap
Dad was ready
His friends were invited and seated
All documents prepared
My love’s mansion built
And her inheritance written in her name
It was the day of the wedding
The only thing left was the bride
In the company of hundreds of emissaries
I chartered a flight and headed to the apartment
I had rented for her
I had in a box her wedding gown, shoes
Jewelries and all kinds of makeup
All she needed to do was to put them on
I planed my arrival to be a surprise
So I didn’t bother calling
She wouldn’t have picked up either
If she wasn’t at home
I’d have gone to her place of work
Or whatever city or place she was on earth
For my darling
Was worth the stress
With my escorts
I knocked on her door
There was no response
It was good I had a spare key
I used it on the door
And made my way in
I looked around the sitting room
Scrutinized the kitchen
And searched endlessly for my dear one
Eventually, I headed for her bedroom
The bed which I, her fiancé had never laid on
While I waited endlessly for the night of rings
What I saw broke my heart
Plunging me to deep sorrows and depression untold
My eyes painfully betrayed me
And allowed tears to take a swim
For my eyes beheld the one I love
Pants down in bed with a man I knew not
I was stunned, still as though struck by lightning
On seeing me, she tried covering her nakedness
The man ran out and left her with me
She cried, begged and apologized
Blamed it on the devil
And said she never knew I would come so soon
I was shattered
I was mad, yet sad
How could she
How could she have betrayed me
After all I had done for her
Why couldn’t she wait for me
What was I to tell my emissaries outside
Or my father and his numerous guests
That are waiting at the banquet hall
Or the maids and servants assigned to adorn her
How could I lead her down the aisle
Knowing she was impure and utterly defiled
Just as she was when I first saw her
She betrayed my trust
Took my grace for naught
And ridiculed my sacrifice
Though I loved her, my justice had to reign
For I can’t live with an unfaithful wife
Neither will I lie with the immoral one
Now she no longer has any part in me
And must be cast into the utter darkness where she belongs
She’s the CHURCH
And I’m the CHRIST

Jesus is still knocking at the door of all hearts. His wedding feast is ready. You and I are the church. We are His bride. Be reunited with Him now that mercy still exist, and I pray we won’t break His heart when He returns to take us home.FB_IMG_15337204038063565.jpg


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